Aorus Announces Their Flagship Laptop – The Aorus 17 Powered By i9 And RTX


Gigabyte's high-end gaming counterpart, Aorus has announced its flagship gaming laptop with the Aorus 17. A quite hidden, but very good feature is their partnership with Omron to provide a truly unique typing experience tailored specifically for the Aorus 17. This laptop comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a flagship lineup. It features an 8-core Intel i9 H-Series processors along with RTX series cards or 16 series cards if you aren't looking for ray tracing.

Comes In With The Most Powerful Components - RTX And Core i9

The latest and greatest flagship model, the AORUS 17, comes in with the addition of Intel's 9th Gen i9-9980HK processor, which is 10% more powerful compared to the previous generation 8th Gen Core i9. The CPU clock speed has increased from 4.8 GHz to 5.0 GHz, 8 cores and 16 threads. Perfect for streamers on the go who want to stream the newest Triple-A games. Plenty of power for those who need it.

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This also doesn't wimp out on the graphics offering one of greatest cards available on laptops, the RTX 2080 Max-Q. This card is great for playing games or doing more productive tasks. This card offers "Real-Time Ray Tracing", deep learning technology (DLSS) and NVIDIA Adaptive Shading (NAS). The card can be used to accelerate the rendering process or provide some of the most realistic graphics seen in any games.

Tons Of Great Features Packed Into Their Flagship Model

Tons Of Great Features Packed Into Their Flagship Model

The laptop has been blessed with Microsoft Azure Ai which is great but limited at the moment. Azure Ai takes in what you have set running on your laptop and puts under scrutiny to find any missed opportunities in your profiles. Then it will balance the GPU and CPU load to optimize it for tasks and provide a more power-efficient and overall better experience.

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Aorus has developed its own cooling system to cool the laptop. They call the "WINDFORCE INFINITY" cooling technology that takes a large leap when it comes to cooling performance. They take advantage of the superheat conductor (Vapor Chamber) that increases the cooling efficiency by 37%, along with 5 heat pipes, 2 sets of 12 V 51 blade fans and the additional gigantic laptop base fan with large area air mesh. Keeping up in fast pace games will be a breeze with Aorus' AUO 240Hz, featuring a 3ms response time. With a big display at 17 inches at 1080p HD. It is factory calibrated for the X-Rite Pantone Certification, so graphic designers won't be disappointed image quality.

The price and availability have currently not been set, but it is looking like this flagship model is going to be a pricier model with an i9 and RTX card inside. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of the design, but the features do not disappoint on the laptop.