Antonline Offers Gaming Laptops & PCs For Exciting Discounts For Intel Gamer Days


Currently, Intel is running a weeklong event called "Intel Gamer Days". The event is held annually and is put on by Intel that "allows partners to provide customers with exclusive offers on Intel-based products."

Intel Gamer Days Deals From Antonline Include Discounted Desktops & Laptops

Atlanta computer and electronics e-commerce store, Antonline, is offering some wonderful and exciting deals on various Intel Gaming systems. Also, Antonline will be offering a full assortment of aggressive Intel offers on their personal site. All offers will be available on Antonline’s Intel Gamer Day's landing page, currently LIVE and going fast.

Antonline is offering three great Lenovo Legion systems (two laptops and a desktop computer) that are perfect for gaming. Included are the keys to top videogames "Humankind" and "Crysis Remastered Trilogy" that you can access from an email delivery.

Right now, you can get:



Antonline is also offering the CYBERPOWER PC Gamer Xtreme Gaming Desktop Computer with included keys to the two above games, also delivered by email:

Intel's Gamer Days continue for another three and a half more days and has offers from other top names, like Amazon, Target, NewEgg, iBUYPOWER, ASRock, Best Buy, EVGA, Walmart, Sams Club, MSI, Microsoft, Costco, and many, many others. Check out other great Intel Gamer Days deals on Intel's Gamer Days landing page for their weeklong extravaganza.