Anthem Xbox One X Runs at Native 4K with HDR; Specific Enhancements Detailed


Anthem Xbox One X will run at native 4K resolution with HDR, Bioware’s Head of Technology, Scott Neumann, has confirmed.

Alongside the game’s native 4K resolution on Microsoft’s enhanced Xbox One console, Neumann also provided further details about the specific Xbox One X enhancements which include increased resolution for shadow rendering and enhanced rendering of in-game terrain.

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“The Anthem team has been able to leverage the power of the Xbox One X to deliver enhanced graphics to our players”, Bioware’s head of tech said. “The added GPU power of this console allows Anthem to render at native 4K and with HDR. To complement the increased image quality of 4K, we have also increased the resolution at which we render shadows in the game, and we have enhanced the rendering of in-game terrain.”

Neumann adds that the Xbox One X also allows an increased numbers of meshes and textures. “Finally, the added memory of the Xbox One X allows us to increase the number of meshes and textures we stream into the player’s view at any given moment.”

When asked about the process of getting Anthem up and running on the Xbox One X, Neumann replied that the console has been great to work with.

“The Xbox One X has been a great console to work with”, he said. “The development tools are very good, and they really help the team solve the challenging problems that invariably arise when you make a game as complex as Anthem. We’ve also had a great relationship with the team at Microsoft, and they’ve been very supportive. The combination of those factors makes working on the Xbox One X a great experience.”

Anthem will release globally later this week for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Yesterday we detailed the game's day-one patch, which will offer improved loading times and more.

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