Anthem Open World Map Pieced Together; May Take Only 4 Minutes To Fly From One End To The Other


Anthem is releasing soon on PC and consoles, and BioWare has been showing the game frequently, detailing many of the game's central features and mechanics. The open world map has yet to be shown in full, but some fans have managed to piece it together from existing footage.

The pieced together map, which has been shared by Reddit user SkrillRKnight, doesn't seem to be particularly big, especially compared to recent open world games. Another user did some math with another partially complete map and estimated that it may take around 4 minutes to fly from one end to the other of the map following the longest possible path.

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This person did some math with the incomplete one that was posted and thought you might be fly "the longest path" in ~3.5 minutes. Unfortunately, I don't what they mean by "the longest path" but if they mean straight line from south-east corner to north-west corner of the incomplete map. Maybe we are talking about just shy of 4 minutes as-the-crow-flies in this more complete map.

Nathan had the chance to try out Anthem this week, noting that the game's foundations are solid, but that additional polish may be required.

Anthem’s potential is sky-high. The game’s action is fast, fun, and frantic, especially when playing with friends. Unfortunately, everything surrounding the game’s basic “make aliens go boom” core feels underbaked, which is a touch surprising considering this game has been in the oven for at least six years. Technical issues abound and the game just doesn’t feel as cohesive as it should. Will Anthem find an audience? I think it will, eventually, but I also fear BioWare may have to endure another rocky launch first. Let’s hope EA and BioWare stick with Anthem long enough for it to hit its crescendo.

Anthem releases on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22nd.

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