Anthem’s Neill-Blomkamp-Directed “Conviction” Short Hints at the Game’s Dramatic Potential

Yesterday EA and BioWare teased a live-action Anthem short from director Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) and now the full thing has been released. Entitled “Conviction,” the short is essentially a trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist (yet). We get a taste of the Anthem universe’s backstory, and glimpse snippets of a story about a young woman who’s rescued after surviving in the dangerous alien wilderness for years.  Of course, there’s more to her than initially meets the eye. Check out the full short below.

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Cool stuff! I’ll admit, I’m a bit concerned Anthem’s story may not be as compelling as some past BioWare games, but clearly they’ve put a lot of thought into their new universe and, in the right hands, some interesting stories could be told with it. After watching Conviction, I’d totally be up for watching a Neill-Blomkamp-produced movie or limited series. What do you think? Did the short make you look at the Anthem universe in a new light?

I recently got a chance to check out Anthem, including both main game and endgame content, at an EA preview event. I enjoyed the basic action, but still had some concerns…

“Anthem’s potential is sky-high. The game’s action is fast, fun, and frantic, especially when playing with friends. Unfortunately, everything surrounding the game’s basic “make aliens go boom” core feels underbaked, which is a touch surprising considering this game has been in the oven for at least six years. Technical issues abound and the game just doesn’t feel as cohesive as it should. Will Anthem find an audience? I think it will, eventually, but I also fear BioWare may have to endure another rocky launch first. Let’s hope EA and BioWare stick with Anthem long enough for it to hit its crescendo.”

Anthem boosts onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on February 22. Origin and EA Access subscribers can get a head start on the game tomorrow (February 15).

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