Anthem Cataclysm Footage and Details Revealed, Test Server Launching Next Week


Yesterday, BioWare broke their radio silence, releasing a fresh update for Anthem, and today they finally showed off and detailed the game’s first Cataclysm. The event will unfold over the span of six weeks, with two weeks of pre-events, and takes place on a new tropical-island-themed map. If you’ve got around 40 minutes to spare, you can check out the full Cataclysm reveal stream, below.

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As the name implies, you’ll be constantly beset by damaging storms during the Cataclysm, although you can activate limited-time safe zones to take refuge in. Interestingly, the Cataclysm is a timed, score-based challenge, with players racking up points by clearing out arenas, finding secrets, and activating various multipliers. According to BioWare, the Cataclysm isn’t designed to be overly challenging, but high-level players can gun for high scores and a place on the leaderboards.

Of course, the Cataclysm will bring all sorts of additional stuff to collect, including new weapons, masterwork/legendary gear, and more. All new gear will have a higher maximum power rating than existing weapons, with masterwork and legendary stuff being five levels higher. The new goodies will be gained by earning currency in the Cataclysm, which you can trade in for War Chests at a new Fort Tarsis vendor. The items in the chests will change throughout the event.

So, when will Anthem players finally get to jump into the Cataclysm? Well, the new public test server kicks off next week, with anybody who owns the PC version of the game automatically getting access. Testing will continue for around two or three weeks, at which point, the Cataclysm launches for all players.

Anthem is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. What do you think? Does the Cataclysm seem like a meaningful addition to Anthem? Or is it a mere tempest in a teacup?