Antec’s Katana DDR4 Memory Features a Combination of Performance and Design

Antec has introduced the Katana DDR4 memory which features a mix of both performance and a design that is inspired by the Japanese samurai sword. The Antec's Katana DDR4 memory is ready to amaze you by its metallic shine and soft lighting, which allows this memory to feature an infinite possibility for your PC build.

Antec reveals the Katana DDR4 memory with slower timings but a great design

The Katana DDR4 memory kit features a fantastic aesthetic with a metallic finish, the Katana DDR4 memory takes the name of from the classic Japanese samurai Sword and draws the design of the RAM from the silhouette of the blade.

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Source: Antec

This RAM also features a very distinct aluminum heatsink, The Katana RAM created the refined texture of black steel with CNC machining process and a very unique surface modification. This allows the very distinctive aluminum heatsink to offer a great thermal conductivity to ensure that the memory chips will stay cool even when they are overclocked.

For Lighting, the Katana RAM features a light diffuser located on the top of the RAM module. These RGB lights allow the RAM to glow with soft lighting effects or to be completely controlled by the motherboard's RGB software.

The memory chips are chosen by a strict IC sorting technology, this sorting is called the AIST, or Antec IC Sorting Technology, and this lets Antec test for compatibility for the diversity of motherboard with eight hours of a reliability test. This extreme testing ensures that the Antec Katana RAM is extremely reliable in even the most crucial of systems.

These RAM kits come in two different sets, one features a speed of 3200 MHz speed while the other set features a speed of 3600 MHz. Both of these sets feature a maximum RAM capacity of 16 GB, split between two separate modules.

Another significant difference between these RAM modules is the timings being a bit slower when compared to standard 16 GB RAM kits. The DDR4-3200 RAM kit features a timing of 16-18-18-38 while the DDR4-3600 RAM kit has a timing of 18-20-20-44 which is slightly slower when compared to the standard timings of 16-18-18-36 and 18-20-20-40 respectively.  As shown in the OLOy WarHawk RGB DDR4-3600 RAM kit and the G.Skill Aegis 16 DDR4-3200 RAM kit.

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