Antec Introduces The DP502 FLUX ATX PC Case

Antec releases the Dark League Chassis DP 502 FLUX PC case offers fantastic features for the low price of $69.99. This PC case offers fantastic thermal performance using the large number of cooling fans included in the PC case. The DP502 FLUX PC case offers support for various motherboards, including ATX, mATX, and Mini-ITX.

Antec introduces the DP502 FLUX PC case, offers a wide range of compatibility while having a smaller price tag of $69.99

The PC case features a simple gray or black design but has a front flap on the front panel that allows for more airflow and access to the 5.25" slot. This front panel has three 120 mm ARGB fans mounted while this case comes with five fans. This PC case features a 4 mm tempered glass side panel that utilizes a tool-free thumbscrew design, which makes taking the side panel off easy and quick!

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DP502 FLUX PC case
DP502 FLUX PC case

The is a 120 mm fan mounted to the rear of the case to act as an exhaust while the last 120 mm fan is mounted to the PSU chamber's top. This fan is designed to pull in cool air to the case, which provides better GPU cooling performance.

The Dark League DP502 FLUX PC case offers fantastic compatibility, featuring support for up to three 3.5" HDD drives and can support either three 2.5" SSDs or five 2.5" SSDs if no 3.5" HDD drives are installed. This wide range of storage compatibility makes the case perfect for a larger Steam library or video editors who have to download the Raw video files.

For a graphics card compatibility, this case can support a GPU with a length of up to 405 mm, and the maximum supported PSU length that this case can support 205 mm. The Dark League DP502 FLUX PC case features a maximum CPU cooler height of 175 mm, which allows for CPU coolers like the Noctua NH-U12A CPU cooler.

This case features sufficient space for cable management with the rear of the motherboard offers 26.5 mm and the side offering 34.5 mm of space for clean and controlled cable management.

This PC case is planned to be available soon with the price tag of $69.99.

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