Antec Announces The Striker Phantom Gaming Edition PC Chassis

Evan Federowicz

Antec has announced its Striker Phantom Gaming Edition PC Chassis, which was created as a partnership between Antec & ASRock. This case offers some interesting features for water-cooled systems in a small form factor design. It makes use of an open-air frame, which utilizes 4 mm tempered glass panels, aluminum, and steel structure.

Antec Releases the Striker Phantom Gaming Edition PC Chassis offering a front-mounted GPU and fantastic water-cooling capabilities!

The Striker Phantom Gaming Edition PC Chassis features not only an open-air frame but also has a tempered glass side panel on either side of the PC case. These tempered glass panels allow users to easily show off their systems to everyone regardless of which side the person is viewing. Some highlighted features of the case include:

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  • Striker Phantom Gaming: Special edition in collaboration with AsRock.
  • CNC Cutting Craftsmanship: Composed of 4 mm tempered glass panels, aluminum and steel structure.
  • Open-Frame Architecture: Unique framework provides possibilities for custom water-cooling loop.
  • Front GPU Mount: The most innovative case design allows you to show your graphics card.
  • White PSU Covers: Ample room for the power supply and cable management.
  • Compatible with standard ATX or SFX PSU
  • 4 x 120 mm Fan Support: Supports up to 2 x 120 mm fans at both the rear and side.
  • USB3.1 Type-C Ready: Enjoy higher data transfer speeds and compatibility with next-gen peripherals
  • Motherboard Support: ITX
  • PCI-E Riser Cable Included


For compatibility, this case offers support for a maximum graphics card length of up to 330 mm. The Striker Phantom Gaming Edition PC Chassis also features support for a max PSU length of 160 mm. While most graphics cards are mounted to the inside of the case away from prying eyes, the Striker Phantom Gaming Edition PC Chassis puts the graphics card on full display by having it attached to the front of the chassis.

This mounting location alongside the larger supported graphics card size makes this perfect for a small but high-end system. This case comes with a PCI-E riser card, which enables users to connect the graphics card in this not standard format.


This case can only support an ITX motherboard, but this smaller motherboard allows this case to have a smaller overall footprint with no compromise to cooling capacity. This case features two central mounting locations for radiators and fans, and those locations are the Rear and the Side. At both of these locations, users can mount up to a 240 mm radiator and two fans. One note is that the side mounting location supports a radiator with up to a 40 mm thickness.

The front IO is also in a non-standard location being more on the side, as the front is the graphics card, this front IO includes two USB 3.0 ports, a single USB 3.1 Type-C port alongside the HD Audio ports. The Antec Striker Phantom PC case will be available on both Amazon and Newegg within this week.

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