Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Will Rough It On iOS and Android Next Month

When Nintendo first revealed it was invading the mobile gaming market in early 2015, few were more excited than Animal Crossing fans. Nintendo’s low-key life sim just seemed like the perfect fit for phones and tablets, and yet, news about the promised mobile version of Animal Crossing has been hard to come by. Games like Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run, and Fire Emblem Heroes have been announced and released, but Nintendo has remained mum on Animal Crossing.

Well, that changed late last night when Nintendo revealed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in a new Nintendo Direct. If you have 15 minutes to spare, you can watch the entire presentation, below.

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Pocket Camp isn’t quite the full-fledged Animal Crossing experience some might have been hoping for, but it’s surprisingly close. The game tasks players with managing their own campsite, and includes Animal Crossing staples like fishing, bug catching, arranging furniture, and making friends with various sassy talking animals. The big difference is Pocket Camp places a greater focus on crafting, rather than simply hoarding bells and buying everything you want.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be free-to-play, with Nintendo making money by selling Leaf Cards. These cards can used as a substitute for crafting materials, or to speed up how long it takes to make stuff (some major campground improvements will take days to build). Here’s the full lowdown on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, straight from Nintendo.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a game in which you build a cozy camp life with friends and your favorite animals.

You're the Camp Manager

Imagine arriving at a beautiful but empty campsite and meeting up with everyone's favorite helper, Isabelle. Then, out of the blue, she asks you to run the place! You can make the place your own by crafting furniture, amenities, and other fun items for your animal friends to interact with.

Get Out and Enjoy Nature

Visit nearby recreation areas to go fishing, gather fruit, and collect bugs. Take advantage of all that camp life has to offer!

Make New Animal Friends

Stop by and say hello to animals visiting nearby recreation areas. You can grow your friendship and earn rewards by helping them find the things they need.

Build Furniture, Amenities, and More

With the right craft materials, you can have the hardworking handyman Cyrus make just about anything you need to customize your campsite. Just put in the order, and he'll get right to work.

Host Animals at Your Campsite

Decorate your campsite with items and furniture that your animal friends love, and your place will be the most popular spot on the map! Once you've hosted an animal, he or she will be able to come back and visit anytime.

Customize Your Camper

Visit Giovanni, Carlo, and Beppe at OK Motors for all your camper customization needs! You can change the look of your camper—or even make it bigger on the inside.

Always Something New

With seasonal events, there's always something new to do in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Click on Notices at the top of the page to see what's happening, or tap More and then Notices within the game.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp pitches its tent on iOS and Android devices in late November. You can pre-register for the game, right here.

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