Animal Crossing New Horizons Revealed for Nintendo Switch, First Gameplay Trailer


Animal Crossing fans have been begging for a sequel for 2012's Animal Crossing New Leaf for years now, and after a disappointing party game on the Wii U, it felt like it would never come. But now, we finally have gameplay footage of Animal Crossing running on Nintendo Switch to ogle.

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The new game is called Animal Crossing New Horizons, and honestly, it looks incredible. It takes the signature Animal Crossing art style, and revamps it in HD, offering players crisp character models, a detailed world, beautiful lighting, and shimmering water.

From what we've seen so far, you can expect the usual Animal Crossing activities to be present in the game, including gardening, shaking trees, fishing, and much more.

The trailer takes on the style of a holiday travel guide from Nook Inc., probably the holiday focused branch of Tom Nook's ever-expanding empire. The player will travel to a new area and will start out, at least initially, in a tent. It remains to be seen whether or not the player will be putting down a more permanent home, but it seems likely given what series this is.

But the trailer doesn't show us much, and that's because they have admitted the game might take a bit longer to release than we expected. It looks like a 2019 release might no longer be on the cards.

But honestly, from the small amount of footage we have right now, it looks like the wait will be totally validated. This is certainly the kind of game that Animal Crossing fans have been calling out for since the reveal of the Nintendo Switch.

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