Pimp Your iOS Notification Banners With AniBanner

Whenever you get a notification alert for any of your installed apps, you see a banner sliding down from the top of the screen that goes back up if no action is applied to it. This has been the default animation of the notification banner in iOS for a long time. However, if you have a jailbroken iOS device and you want to pimp the notification banner with a new and cool animation then we have a tweak just for that.


AniBanner is a new jailbreak tweak that adds new animation to the notification banner. The tweak enables users to switch from the default iOS notification banner animation to a new one, which, if you're asking us, is pretty cool. The new animation effect is a pulsing notification banner that switches between squared and circular corners simultaneously. The notification banner consistently fades in and out giving the user more of an alert feel.

AniBanner Lets You Customize Your Notification Banner With Ease.

Apart from the general animation function, AniBanner also provides a list of options available in the tweak's preference pane for more customization. Firstly, AniBanner's preference pane features a toggle that can immediately disable or enable the tweak. Other toggles provide users with an option to switch on or off the transparency animation and animations that are part of the banner radius. Users can set these preferences according to their desire.

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Among other options available in AniBanner's preference pane, you will eye upon two sliders which are responsible for adjusting the speed of the animation as well as the corner radius of the notification banner. This will provide users with a more personalized view. Other than that, the next option enables a user to choose a tint color for the notification banner. Users can match the tint color of notification banners with respect to their wallpapers.

AniBanner also offers a preview button for the alterations made in the preference pane. The 'Test Banner' button is located below the pane, and the best part is that it does not require your device to be respringed to enable changes. However, AniBanner has no impact on lock screen notifications, it will only work once your jailbroken device is unlocked.

If you're someone who is bored from the default notification banner then AniBanner is the tweak that you should definitely give a whirl.

Currently, AniBanner supports iOS 8 - 8.4. AniBanner is available on Cydia's BigBoss repo for $0.99. Let us know on the comments if you found AniBanner's animations cool or distracting.

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