Android Will Natively Support ‘Foldables’ Soon

With the world's first ever foldable smartphone already demonstrated, it is only a matter of time before other OEMs follow suit. Today, Samsung is expected to unveil their take of a foldable smartphone, and we can expect competition to do the same by next year. To keep up with the relatively new trend, Google is officially announcing support for a category of Android devices it’s known as “Foldables.” Google's VP of engineering Dave Burke said that Google is “enhancing Android to take advantage of this new form factor with as little work as necessary.”

At this point, it is little more than guidance for developers to start using already-existing features that are built into Android. A Google spokesperson told The Verge that the company is working with Samsung on how Android will develop 'Foldables'. Additionally, Google’s focus is making sure that it becomes a tool for Android that any OEM can use.

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Foldables will once again redefine how Android phones look

The primary way Google is supporting foldable displays today is by pointing developers toward an existing feature called “screen continuity” which is an API Android apps use to know when the screen size has changed. It triggers when you rotate your screen. For Android apps to support folding displays, developers need to ensure they’re correctly implementing this feature.

Android isn't the only platform that's experimenting with foldable tech. Microsoft has been hinting it for what seems like an eternity, and even Intel is testing the waters, by the looks of it. The technology is still very nascent, and Google needs to one-up the competition to stay ahead of the pack. We should get a better idea about Foldables today,

News Source: The Verge

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