After iPhone X, Android Vendors Will Adopt 3D Sensing Solutions to Bring Advanced Features


It is no secret that Apple’s iPhone X TrueDepth camera has shaken up the industry and that lots of Android smartphone vendors, at least the popular ones are aiming to bring 3D sensing solutions to their own devices. Does this mean we might be seeing the end of fingerprint sensors on mobile phones? Not quite.

Apple Supplier and Others Will Be Providing 3D Sensing Solutions to a Large Number of Chinese Android Phone Makers

Apple’s closest Chinese manufacturing company is Huawei and while it might not be a popular brand in the U.S., it has a huge market share in Europe. The company is aiming to bring its mobile devices to be sold through carriers but aside from this, it will also be wrapping a 3D sensing solution with its flagship.

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Aside from this, Xiaomi and OPPO are the two other Chinese counterparts that aim to be bringing such solutions to their mobile phones. While it is yet to be confirmed, we feel that only the higher end models will feature these 3D sensing solutions for allowing features such as advanced facial recognition, face and 3D mapping and others.

Thanks to a joint partnership of Qualcomm, Himax, and Truly Opto-electronics, 3D sensing solutions will be provided accordingly. In addition, Apple’s own partner, Largan Precision, will be providing the necessary components to incorporate advanced features in Android-running devices.

A familiar name that is not present in this group is Samsung’s. While Samsung’s phone do feature facial recognition, they do not feature a 3D sensing solution, though we have a feeling that the Galaxy S9 will definitely come with one.

However, none of the aforementioned suppliers have been reported to have Samsung listed as a partner, but it surely doesn’t mean the Korean tech giant does not have other unreported partnerships under its belt.

As an extended feature, we also feel that fingerprint readers are going to be retained to provide a little bit of flexibility to the users.

Still, we want to know what you think about Apple’s competitors switching to 3D sensing solutions? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: DigiTimes