New Android phone includes iPhone 4-like Retina Display and a 9.6 Megapixel Camera.


As we all know that all of the current Android based smartphones have their screen resolutions limited to 800 (or 854) x 480 pixels. This list include EVO 4GDesire HDSamsung Galaxy S and Nexus One which are currently at the top of the Android phone's list.

Sharp has introduced a new Android phone, The IS03 (for KDDI aucellular network) which features a 3.5” 960 x 640 res capacitive touchscreen with Advanced Super View technology. This allows you to view angles of up to 178°, Just to let you know that this is the same display which is used in the iPhone 4.

Other cool features include a 9.6 megapixel camera with image stabilization, built-in TV tuner and Osaifu Keitai which is a feature that allows you to make any sort of payments from a local subway (the metro, not the Subway fast-food franchise). The mobile is only available in Japan.