Android Marshmallow Release Schedule For Samsung Galaxy Devices Leaked


Here's when Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5, S5 and more will receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, according to a leaked document.


Usually manufacturers are slow to jump onboard the bandwagon whenever Google announces a new update to Android. In the case of Marshmallow, we are seeing a repeat of what happened last year, with many OEMs yet to decide when the software update would be pushed to their devices that are currently sitting in the market, with Samsung being one of them. But thanks to a leaked document that has surfaced online, we now have an idea when we should expect our Galaxy devices to see the latest software goodness from Mountain View.

The complete table is as follows:

Android Update Samsung Galaxy

In case you're having a hard time going through the table, especially if you're viewing this on a mobile device, then here's everything in plain text:

  • Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920G - Approved - ETA December 2015
  • Galaxy S6 Edge+ - SM-G928G - Approved - ETA December 2015
  • Galaxy S6 - SM-G920I - Approved - ETA January 2016
  • Galaxy S6 Edge - SM-G925I - Approved - ETA January 2016
  • Galaxy Note 4 - SM-N910G - Approved - ETA February 2016
  • Galaxy Note Edge - SM-N915G - Approved - ETA February 2016

The above mentioned devices are those whose updates have been approved and will start receiving the Marshmallow update within a few months at max. The devices which are mentioned below are those whose update status is pending approval and there's currently no ETA regarding the update either.

  • Galaxy S5 - SMG900G
  • Galaxy Alpha - SM-G850Y
  • Galaxy A8 - SM-A8000
  • Galaxy A5 - SM-A500F
  • Galaxy A3 - SM-A300F
  • Galaxy E7 - SM-E700H
  • Galaxy E5 - SM-E500H

One thing that everyone should note right now is that the above mentioned devices are those which are completely unlocked and are not tied to any sort of carrier out of the box. Carriers have their own set of rules which Samsung has to comply with, therefore the release schedule is different for those devices.

It's also great to see that Samsung is pushing out Android 6.0 Marshmallow very quickly for its flagship handsets in the market, such as the Note 5, Galaxy S6 etc. But it would've been great if everything was more unified on the timetable, with updates arriving simultaneously for all devices. We're sure fragmentation has to do something with that, and we'll accept the above leaked document at its face value.

Whenever Samsung starts rolling out Marshmallow for its devices, we'll cover the news in great detail here, so be sure to tune back in!