Android Seems To Be Welcoming Gmail Dark Mode In All Its Glory And We Cannot Wait For The Official Release


Gmail is one of those Google apps that did not have a proper dark mode. Drive, Keep and other apps had received the dark theme. I am a huge fan of that theme, maybe it speaks to my dark soul, or maybe that’s just the way it is. A lot of people seem to share my love of this theme, so it is no surprise that we really wanted a similar theme for Gmail too. Well, we got our prayers answered.

Gmail Dark Mode - The Darkness We All Welcome

Google being our dear old friend is trying to please us and is trying to keep Gmail users happy. According to reports it seems that the Gmail dark mode is starting to show up for Android. It isn’t perfect as of yet, as it still lacks a toggle that can allow users to enable or disable it. Right now, it seems that it is available only in settings and can pop up whenever it feels like. So, you pretty much have no say in the matter. So, don’t get too excited; but at least we can say this that Google is close to nailing the new feature. I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to the official release.

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Gmail is probably one of the most popular apps and I am surprised that we didn’t have a dark mode for it sooner than this. Mountain View should have had it for us by now, especially since it exists for the less popular apps already. The dark mode is going to appear in Gmail v2019.06.09. So, if you have this version then you can enjoy the random pop ups of dark mode in Gmail. If you don’t, well you can always wait for the full-fledged version and enjoy the darkness in all its glory.

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News Source: Dark mode starts showing up in Gmail for Android