Android 13 QPR2 Brings 21 New Emojis, Stable Update Releasing In March

Furqan Shahid
Android 13 QPR2 Brings 21 New Emojis, Stable Update Releasing in March

Google's Quarterly Platform Release or QPR, is going great as it is an excellent way of adding new features to the existing Android platforms without going through significant changes or major updates, and today, we have some more news. Android 13 QPR2 will hit the stable channel in March and will bring 21 new emojis that include new animals and characters.

The new emojis on Android 13 QPR2 will be a part of Unicode 15.0 and will have a Donkey, a Moose, a Wing, a Jellyfish, and a Black Bird. You will also be getting a Pea Pod, Ginger, and a new plant called Hyacinth.

New emojis are already available on Android 13 QPR2 Beta as Google prepares stable launch for March

Moving forward, the Android 13 QPR 2 will also have three new hearts, a shaking face, and rightwards and leftwards pushing hands with multiple skin tone options, as well. This is not all, you are also getting a bunch of new objects and symbols such as hair pick, wireless, maracas, and more.

As mentioned earlier, those waiting for the stable channel release will have to wait until March to access these emojis. However, if you are using the Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2, you can use these emojis by copying and pasting since they do not appear on Gboard at the time of writing. This could, however, change in the coming days with a new update.

This is not the first time Google has added new emojis or features. The company's decision to shift to Quarterly Platform Releases is going well so far, as it gives them a chance to keep adding more features going forward. Although these features do not bring drastic changes, they do bring quality improvements, which are just as important. With Android 13 QPR2 slated for March for the stable channel, we can expect more features coming in the latest version.

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