Android 13 – Everything New About Google’s Next Big Update

Android 13 - Everything New About Google's Next Big Update

Google surprised everyone last night and released the stable Android 13 version for all the supported Pixel devices. Now, it is important to know that this update, despite bringing a number of changes, is not a major update as the Android 12 was but still, the changes included in this update are important enough for everyone who is going to be getting the update.

Over the past couple of months, we have heard a lot about Android 13 and what it brings, and today, we are going to look at everything that is new in the update. After all, those who are looking forward to updating should know what they are getting with the new update.

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Android 13 Brings Auto-Theming Icons, Material You Theming, Alternative Lock Screen Setup, Now Playing Widget, and a Lot More

The first feature that we are getting our hands on is the option that allows the icons to have automatic theming. The feature allows Android to auto-theme the icons just like the rest of the operating system.

However, it is worth noting at the point that the feature is only available on Pixel devices and the other issue is that the feature is only going to work with apps in which the developer has added monochrome icons for the Material You to use.

This means that you are not going to get the totality of support. There is a chance that other OEMs will be adopting this feature and doing a better job at that.

Moving further, Android 13 also brings a number of Material You theming options that are only going to make the experience for theming a lot better for those who are looking to truly make their phone personalized. Of course, this feature is currently on devices that are running Android 13 but we can expect to see more features coming soon to other devices, too.

Android 13 also lets you toggle between two clock styles on the lock screen. Users can go for a single-line layout or the current double-line layout. Sure, it is not as robust as what Samsung lets you do but the feature is still a welcomed change.

The Now Playing widget has also gone through an overhaul in terms of the new look. Album art now takes the entire background of the widget and the controls have been repositioned, too.

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In addition to the changes that are mentioned above, Android 13 also brings a show heap of quality of life improvements that will make the experience all the better. You can look at those changes below.

  1. Better QR scanner support.
  2. Native Bluetooth LE Audio.
  3. Revamped audio output selector.
  4. Per-app language setting.
  5. Redone clipboard features.
  6. Smarthome controls in the unlocked state.

Android 13 also brings a private photo picker which allows for a more secure way of picking photos, you are also getting access to granular permissions for media, integrated and better fast pair, and more.

It is important to know that the features that we have mentioned above are all core features of Android 13. This means that when other OEMs do release their own rendition of Android 13, we might be getting a whole host of new features that would come, as well.

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