Android 12 Developer Preview 3 Now Rolling Out on Pixel Devices


Google has finally started the rollout of Android 12 Developer Preview 3 for Pixel phones today. If our numbers are correct, this should be the final developer-quality preview before the Android 12 Beta starts next month. For those wondering, the DP3 is an "incremental update for stability and performance."

Developers are advised to "get apps ready for consumer Beta" by releasing a "compatible update over the new few weeks."

Android 13 Beta 2.1 Now Rolling Out for Pixel Phones [Download]

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 Marks Another Step Closer to the Official Release

The Android 12 Developer Preview 3 brings several tools for app developers that will improve the user experience.

  • New app launch animation: To make “app startup a more consistent and delightful experience,” Google introduces a default animation from the point of launch, splash screen with the app icon, and transition. Developers will customize the splash screen’s background, replace the app icon, control timing, and more.
  • New incoming/outgoing/screened call notifications: To improve visibility, scannability, and consistency, the new CallStyle template is available for dialers or chat apps with video calling. Rising to the top of the notification shade, they support multiple defaults and custom actions and can be customized with a large avatar image, text, and button color hints.
  • Improved web linking: URLs that haven’t been through Android App Links or manually approved by users are immediately opened by the default web browser instead of the “chooser” dialog.
  • Richer haptics: Android 12 introduces support for more expressive effects, like a low tick, as today’s actuators feature broader frequency bandwidth. The goal is to allow developers to create “informative haptic feedback for UI events.” Similarly, game developers have more access to motors in game controllers. Google says the Pixel 4 offers the fullest examples of these upcoming APIs today and working with OEMs.
  • More flexible backups: Developers can now set different rules (including encryption requirements) for cloud backups and device-to-device transfers. For example, large files can be excluded from the former method but included in the latter.

You are also getting a feature that will allow the third-party apps to take full advantage of the Quad/Nona Bayer camera sensors and improve the video encoding. Additionally, there are improvements to ML performance, while the accelerator drivers can be updated outside the OS updates.

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 system images are available for the Pixel 3 (XL), Pixel 3a (XL), Pixel 4 (XL), Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5, and Android Emulator.

You can download the images by following the links below.