AMD Zen Architecture Could Feature in APUs in 2016, ASUS a Key Player [Updated]

[Debunked]: Our sources have commented that most of the information in this particular leak are inaccurate.

AMD's Zen Architecture is somewhat of an enigma currently since information about it is very limited. What we do know for sure is that it is a next generation, high performance, x86 architecture from AMD. However, more information has appeared on the leak scene that Asustek is one of the major hands behind this architecture and will get preferential treatment when the CPUs do appear. amd zen image new

AMD x86 Zen Architecture Details Leak - Could Feature in APUs in 2016, ASUS a Key Player

AMD's partnership with Asustek is growing stronger and if the the rumor mill is correct than Zen will be used in the AMD's APUs in 2016. AMD will also allegedly give discounts to Asustek for its CPUs. AMD currently has about 30% share in the desktop market and it will use this as an opportunity to take it above 30% (Source: Digitimes). It would however, be interesting to see what AMD's other AIBs have to say about this. If Asustek's influence with AMD grows, by default, it would put a damper with the other players such as MSI, Biostar etc. There have been rumblings that Zen might be fabricated on the Samsung 14nm node, but I don't know how authentic said rumblings were, so I will leave that up to our readers.

We first heard confirmation about Zen at the Deustche Bank 2014 Technology Conference, where Rory Red confirmed that the core was in fact an x86 variant and not an ARM one. Zen, is probably going to be the successor to fill the void left by Bulldozer, which was somewhat of a disappointment. Various reasons explaining away the problem exist; ranging from bad architecture design to the choice of CMT over SMT to harsh accusations of lack of R&D. Whatever the case actually is, Intel has had a free run for far too long, and if there is one thing that is bad for the consumers, it is a monopoly. AMD’s Next Generation Zen architecture is x86 sibling of K12 and vows to give AMD its say back in the compute sector.

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