AMD Zen CPU Roadmap: Zen 2 With 7nm Process Due 2018, Zen 3 With 7nm+ Process in 2019 – Aimed at High-Performance Desktop and Datacenter Processors

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AMD has just officially unveiled their Zen architecture roadmap which covers the upcoming Zen 2 and Zen 3 line. The new processors will be aimed at the high-performance computing market and will cover the desktop and data center market which remain a key focus for AMD as displayed at the Financial Analyst Day.

AMD Zen CPU Roadmap: Zen 2 With 7nm and Zen 3 With 7nm+ Arriving in 2018-2019

AMD launched their Ryzen CPUs just a few months ago but they are already showing the next best thing in their CPU family. According to AMD’s own multi-generational roadmap, the company indicated that Zen would be followed up by Zen 2 and Zen 3 which would feature incremental performance improvements, new features and IPC gains over current revision of the Zen core.

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AMD already gained a staggering 52% leap in IPC (Instruction Per Cycle) with their Zen architecture so we can expect further gains (5% – 15%) with the Zen follow-ups. AMD hasn’t detailed much about the Zen 2 architecture but their CEO, Lisa Su, confirmed in an Reddit AMA that they have a large team working on it as of right now so it should hit the market and they have a list of things being added to Zen 2 and Zen 3 that will gain pump out even more improvement out of these high-performance cores.

Some key changes that we will see in the new Zen core architectures include:

The key details of the event include that Zen which is currently based on both 14nm and 14nm+ process will be succeeded by Zen 2 in 2018. The Zen 2 architecture will be based on the latest 7nm process. The Zen 2 cores will themselves be replaced the very next year by Zen 3. The Zen 3 core will be based on an enhanced version of the 7nm process, known as 7nm+. We will update this article with more information but do note that it has already been detailed that Zen 2 will be used on a new family of products replacing Summit Ridge, known as Pinnacle Ridge.

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