AMD Trinity Specifications Chart details Six New APU’s

Hassan Mujtaba

A specification chart has been leaked which details six new upcoming APU's (Accelerated Processing Units) based on the Trinity Architecture from AMD. A roadmap was also spotted a few days ago which revealed the release dates of the FX-Vishera, Trinity and Brazos processors. The Trinity A10/A8 Quad Core Series would launch in Q2 2012 while the Dual Core A6/A4 would follow up in Q3 2012.

All of the new Trinity APU's pack GCN Core based DX11 Graphics processing Units, The HD 7660D has 384 Graphics CoreNext stream processors, HD 7560D has 256 of these, the HD 7540D has 192, and the HD 7480D has 128. The HD7840D doesn't allow for dual-graphics support which lets you pair a discrete graphics solution with the embedded chip.

The Performance of the new embedded chip would 50% better than previous generation Llano Fusion and 103% better than Sandy Bridge based ultra low voltage processors. Performance details can be found here.

The APU's are listed below:

AMD A10-5800K Quad Core - 3.8Ghz/4.2Ghz, 4Mb L3 Cache, 100W, 1866Mhz Memory, HD7660D

AMD A10-5700  Quad Core - 3.4Ghz/4.0Ghz, 4Mb L3 Cache, 65W, 1866Mhz Memory, HD7660D

AMD A8-5600K Quad Core - 3.6Ghz/3.9Ghz, 4Mb L3 Cache, 100W, 1866Mhz Memory, HD7560D

AMD A8-5500 Quad Core - 3.2Ghz/3.7Ghz, 4Mb L3 Cache, 65W, 1866Mhz Memory, HD7560D

AMD A6-5400 Dual Core - TBD, 1Mb L3 Cache, 65W, 1866Mhz Memory, HD7540D

AMD A4-5300 Dual Core - TBD, 1Mb L3 Cache, 65W, 1600Mhz Memory, HD7480D

All APU's come with DX11 support, 3D-Blu Ray, UVD3 Multimedia functionality and OpenCL Acceleration. Prices are not announced yet.

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