AMD Teases CES 2022: We are not letting the foot off the gas pedal, We’re full speed ahead

Linux 5.17 Brings Major Performance Improvements For AMD Ryzen CPUs & APUs

In an interview with Forbes, AMD's CTO, Mark Papermaster, revealed that for CES 2022, they are not letting the foot off the gas peddle but instead going full speed ahead. This confirms that team red is going to have a ton of announcements geared for its consumer base which would include the main focus on high-performance computing.

AMD Going Full Speed Ahead With Its CES 2022 Announcements, Expect Some Major Reveals

While AMD has its keynote planned for 4th January at 07:00 PST (15:00 GMT), there's already some incredible hype around it. The reason is that the company has been teasing the announcements on Twitter and other social networks. Along with that, there's also speculation on what's next to come!

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The following quote from Mark should make us even more excited for the upcoming event which is just a few weeks ahead.

Mark: When you think about what we were trying to achieve with each generation – it was to bring a better experience. With the PC market – it was being under-served. With notebooks, the battery life wasn’t improving, the graphics technology wasn’t being exploited that fast and we set out to change that, better CPU and GPU performance, better performance per watt and it turns out it also helped desktop, especially gamers – they benefit from having a great CPU and a great GPU and how they communicate between each other. That’s what gives PC users a great experience and that’s what we focussed on.

We’re so excited about the coming CES in January – it will be quieter than usual with a big virtual presence, but we could not be more thrilled than with the next generation of products. We can’t reveal too much now, but Antony, stay tuned. We are not letting the foot off the preverbial gas peddle. We’re full speed ahead.

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Additionally, while AMD is expected to have a major CPU announcement in the form of Vermeer-X Ryzen 3D V-Cache chips, they would also be unveiled further details for the next-generation Zen 4 core architecture which will be the most major architectural and performance uplift in years after Zen 3.

Antony:Looking to 2022 and we’ve obviously very excited about the launch of Zen 4, what are you hopes for the new architecture, what do you think PC enthusiasts like me will be most impressed with and has it presented any specific challenges?

Mark: I can’t go into too many details but it will be a completely enhanced experience. At the start we had to get back to the forefront of consumers’ minds and if you want get value, go AMD. Well we wanted to go well beyond value. We wanted to offer the best performance and the best experience, so once we’d done that, we got a seat at the table with our gaming partners, our PC partners and all the way up to our server partners thanks to our leadership. We can deeply optimize for the end experience, so what customers can expect soon is ever increasing battery life, quality of service, enhanced application performance. We expect our customers to have a high bar of expectation for AMD’s next launch and we’re working hard to meet that with Zen 4.

Antony, with regards to the upcoming generation – I point to CES in January. We’re excited to be revealing some additional details on our new product launches that will deliver phenomenal experiences and as we’ve said, later in the year as it progresses we’ll share more detail on Zen 4 with some mentioned at CES and more announcements on it over the course of 2022. It will be a very exciting year for AMD.

via Forbes

AMD CES 2022 - What To Expect

The AMD CES 2022 keynote is likely to host a range of products, especially the next-generation Ryzen CPU/APU lineup for mainstream and high-performance notebooks. The new lineup will be known as Rembrandt and will power the Ryzen 6000H and Ryzen 6000U powered notebooks and coupled with both Zen 3 and RDNA 2 architectures. Aside from that, AMD might also provide us with more details regarding its upcoming Zen 3D V-Cache 'Vermeer-X' CPUs that are expected to launch in Q1 2022.

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Moving over to GPUs, AMD is likely to showcase more entry-level RDNA 2 designs based on the Navi 24 architecture and to kick start 2022, they might even give us an updated roadmap so we could understand where's Navi and AMD's GPU division heading next.

AMD Mainstream Desktop CPU Generations Comparison:

AMD CPU FamilyCodenameProcessor ProcessProcessors Cores/Threads (Max)TDPs (Max)PlatformPlatform ChipsetMemory SupportPCIe SupportLaunch
Ryzen 1000Summit Ridge14nm (Zen 1)8/1695WAM4300-SeriesDDR4-2677Gen 3.02017
Ryzen 2000Pinnacle Ridge12nm (Zen +)8/16105WAM4400-SeriesDDR4-2933Gen 3.02018
Ryzen 3000Matisse7nm (Zen 2)16/32105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02019
Ryzen 5000Vermeer7nm (Zen 3)16/32105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02020
Ryzen 5000 3DWarhol?7nm (Zen 3D)8/16105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02022
Ryzen 7000Raphael5nm (Zen 4)16/32170WAM5600-SeriesDDR5-5200/5600?Gen 5.02022
Ryzen 7000 3DRaphael5nm (Zen 4)16/32?105-170WAM5600-SeriesDDR5-5200/5600?Gen 5.02023
Ryzen 8000Granite Ridge3nm (Zen 5)?TBATBAAM5700-Series?DDR5-5600+Gen 5.02024-2025?
Which CES 2022 announcement are you looking forward to the most from AMD?
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