AMD Unveils “Enthusiast” Polaris GPU To Journalists At CES 2016

Khalid Moammer

AMD has reportedly just revealed its 2nd Polaris GPU. An "enthusiast" class chip to succeed the R9 Fury X and R9 390X graphics cards. This update came in via Tweaktown, who report to have been shown a second Polaris GPU - which they weren't allowed to photograph - besides the small Polaris graphics chip that AMD has already demoed against Nvidia's GTX 950 last week.

AMD's "Enthusiast" Polaris GPU Makes A Surprise Appearance At CES 2016

Anthony Garreffa of Tweaktown reports that nothing has been revealed about this graphics chip other than the fact that it's the enthusiast GPU of the Polaris family. Potentially becoming the R9 490X or the successor to the Fury X, the latter being more likely Garreffa points out. He went on to say that the person who had showed this GPU to the press had a "huge grin on their face the entire time".

We've approached AMD for comment, but that's all we have in the meantime. For those unaware AMD officially announced its next generation graphics architecture at CES last week. Code named “Polaris” this graphics architecture will be powering upcoming Radeon graphics products in 2016.

The Polaris family of graphics chips will be the first from the company to use 14nm FinFET process technology. Which allows for the creation of significantly more power efficient and faster graphics chips, with considerably more transistors per mm². AMD announced that Polaris will be released sometime in mid 2016.

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