AMD Ryzen CPUs Still Outselling Intel Core CPUs A Month Before Ryzen 3000 Launch, Sales Revenue Equal For Both at Germany’s Biggest Retailer

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The latest market share results for AMD and Intel CPUs at Germany's largest retailer have just been posted by Reddit user 'Ingebor'. According to the latest results, more people continued buying AMD Ryzen CPUs over Intel's Core lineup due to a series of discounts and bundled promotions that AMD introduced as a part of their AMD50 celebration.

AMD Ryzen CPUs Continue Outselling Intel Core CPUs A Month Before Ryzen 3000 Launch

According to the latest market share and revenue report from Mindfactory, AMD once again led in the total number of CPUs sold compared to Intel. As of May 2019, AMD Ryzen CPUs and APUs had a 66% share while Intel Core processors had a share of 34%. Both AMD and Intel managed to sell more processors compared to last month but we could see that AMD Ryzen CPUs still managed to remain popular even when the launch of 3rd Gen Ryzen was pretty much confirmed for early July.

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One reason that consumers are still getting 2nd Generation processors is the fact that you can find them at some really amazing deals. AMD themselves had their new AMD50 promotion going on the Ryzen 2000 and Radeon RX 500 / Vega series with up to $130 US worth of games and much more. On the other hand, while Intel has had prices stabilized on their end for their Core series lineup, we still aren't seeing a stable supply of 9th Gen processors and this is expected to continue until Q4 of 2019.

When it comes to revenue, both AMD Ryzen and Intel Core CPUs were almost equal. The reason is that, while AMD CPUs sold more, the Intel CPUs like the Core i9-9900K and the Core i7-9700K cost almost twice as much as the Ryzen parts hence the revenue share was pretty much the same. Also, when looking at individual SKUs, neither the Core i9-9900K or the Core i7-9700K became as popular as the Core i7-8700K which managed to stay ahead of the Ryzen 7 2700X for quite a few months. It now seems like the most popular SKU is the Ryzen 5 2600 which offers incredible value and 6 cores with 12 threads at an incredibly affordable price point. The Ryzen 7 2700X is the 2nd most popular chip for AMD in their Ryzen stack.

Finally, we can see the share for each specific lineup from each chip maker. Out of the AMD CPUs sold, 71% were Pinnacle Ridge (Ryzen 2000 CPUs), 18% were Raven Ridge (Ryzen 2000 APUs), 10% were Summit Ridge (Ryzen 1000 CPUs) and 1% were Threadripper HEDT CPUs. The Intel share included 59% Coffee Lake Refresh (9th Gen), 33% Coffee Lake (8th Gen), 7% Kaby Lake (7th Gen) and 1% Skylake-X (Core-X).


AMD is just a month away from bringing their 3rd Gen Ryzen processors with even better prices and higher cores, higher frequency and higher efficiency to the store shelves. With no imminent response from Intel expected on the mainstream platform against AMD's PCIe 4.0 ready platform, it looks like AMD will be grabbing more of that CPU market share and revenue in a majority of regions.

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