AMD Ryzen 7 7730U ‘Barcelo Refresh’ CPU Spotted: 8 Cores, 16 Threads, 16 MB L3 Cache & Radeon Vega GPU

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AMD's upcoming Ryzen 7 7730U 'Barcelo Refresh' CPU has been spotted and will be featured in Lenovo's thin & light laptops in 2023.

AMD Ryzen 7 7730U CPU Spotted In Lenovo Laptop: Features 8 Zen 3 Cores & Radeon Vega GPU

The AMD Ryzen 7 7730U CPU is part of the Ryzen 7030 series segment that is codenamed Barcelo Refresh and will be targeting the mainstream Thin & Light laptop segment. The laptops will mostly be a refresh of the 2022 lineup that was already launched with Barcelo Ryzen 5000 chips but with slight optimizations. The Ryzen 7030 series is just one of the several Ryzen 7000 mobile products that AMD will be introducing in 2023 as detailed here.

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Coming to the specifications, the AMD Ryzen 7 7730U CPU still relies on the older Zen 3 and Vega core IPs. The CPU side features 8 cores, 16 threads, a base clock of 2.0 GHz, & 16 MB of L3 cache, all within a 15W TDP. The base clock is the same as the Ryzen 7 5825U 'Barcelo' CPU so we may also get a similar boost clock of around 4.5 GHz. On the GPU side, we are getting the Radeon Vega GPU with 8 Compute units or 512 cores. The clock frequency for the previous CPU was set at 1.8 GHz so this optimized version may end up around 2 GHz.

The CPU was spotted within a Lenovo laptop (via Weibo) and while the leaker tried to hide the CPU name, it doesn't seem to be hidden that well. The CPU is up and running on the laptop and since it is just a small refresh of the existing Barcelo chips, there shouldn't be any issues with compatibility and such. It's a design ready to ship out and should also work flawlessly on the various laptops that will feature it in the coming year. An ASUS Zenbook 14 laptop was also recently listed with the AMD Ryzen 7 7730U CPU which we reported here.

With CES 2023 just a month away, we are expecting several Ryzen 7000 laptop designs including the ones based on the Ryzen 7030 'Barcelo Refresh' family so buckle up for all the new products coming out.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Laptop CPU SKUs:

SKU NameCPU FamilyCPU ArchitectureCores / ThreadsBase / Boost ClockL3 CacheiGPU / ClockTDP
Ryzen 9 7845HXDragon RangeZen 412/24TBD64 MBAMD Radeon Graphics (2 CU RDNA 3)55W+
Ryzen 5 7640UPhoenix PointZen 46/12TBDTBDTBD (RDNA 3)15-28W
Ryzen 7 7735HSRembrandt RefreshZen 3+8/16TBD16 MBTBD (RDNA 2)35-45W
Ryzen 5 7535HRembrandt RefreshZen 3+6/12TBD16 MBTBD (RDNA 2)35-45W
Ryzen 7 7730UBarcelo RefreshZen 38 / 162.0 / TBD GHz16 MB8 CU / TBD (Vega)15-28W
Ryzen 5 7530UBarcelo RefreshZen 36 / 122.0 / TBD GHz16 MB6 CU / TBD (Vega)15-28W
Ryzen 5 7520UMendocinoZen 24/82.8 / 4.3 GHz4 MBRadeon 610M (RDNA 2 2 CU) @ 1.9 GHz8-15W
Ryzen 3 7420UMendocinoZen 24/82.4 / 4.1 GHz4 MBRadeon 610M (RDNA 2 2 CU) @ 1.9 GHz8-15W
Athlon Gold 7220U MendocinoZen 22 / 42.4 / 3.7 GHz4 MBRadeon 610M (RDNA 2 2 CU) @ 1.9 GHz8-15W
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