AMD Ryzen 7 2700X And Ryzen 5 2600X Overclocked To 5.88 GHz on LN2 – MSI X470 Motherboards Achieve Up To 4500 MHz DDR4 Memory Speeds

Hassan Mujtaba

It looks like overclockers are already pushing the AMD Ryzen 2000 series processors to the limits before their release. Latest overclocked results show some impressive CPU and memory clocks on the new MSI X470 motherboards and also the Ryzen 2000X processors.

AMD Ryzen 2000X CPUs Overclocked To 5.88 GHz - MSI X470 Motherboards Achieve Up To 4500 MHz DDR4 Memory Speeds

The overclocking spree looks like an MSI in-house session which they'll be acknowledging upon launch of their new motherboards on 19th of April. This is because while the products have gone up for pre-orders, all performance results are to be kept under wraps until the embargo lift for reviews and performance testing.

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The first result we have is for the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X which was overclocked to 5.884 GHz across all of the 8 cores and 16 threads. The CPU was kept under LN2 cooling and was supplied with 1.76 Volts on the MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC motherboard (You can check out more details of the MSI X470 motherboard lineup over here). The motherboard used a single 8 GB DIMM clocked at around 1900 MHz.

The second chip was the AMD Ryzen 5 2600X which was overclocked around the same frequency as the Ryzen 7 part at 5.882 GHz with 1.768 Volts. The chip was also kept cooled under LN2 cooling and had memory clocked in at 1615 MHz. All 6 cores of the chip were running at the mentioned clock speeds however only 6 threads were active. The CPU was tested on the MSI X470 Gaming Plus motherboard.

Lastly, we have the AMD Ryzen 3 2200G which was tested on the MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC. This chip was not overclocked itself but rather, the memory was overclocked to the maximum limits, showcasing the potential of the X470 platform. The chip was actually underclocked to 614.81 MHz with all four cores active and the memory was pushed to a stunning 4500 MHz which is quite the feature for AMD's X470 platform. It should be noted that Intel platforms at the moment are able to run memory as high as 5000 MHz and retail kits are launching pretty soon however at very high prices.

Overall, this should not be the end of overclocked records for AMD's 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs and expect more tests in the coming weeks. You can check out our AMD Ryzen launch and X470 motherboard roundup articles at the respective links.

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