AMD Richland APU Series and FX Series CPU Getting Price Cuts

Usman Pirzada

AMD has just handed out price cuts to the Richland APU Series and FX Series. The affected prices have dropped by around 13 - 16% more interestingly AMD's 5Ghz FX-9590 Processor has dropped to $306.


A6, A8, A10 APUs and FX Series handed Price Cuts by AMD

AMD has had its plate full with everything going on, that much as is obvious from the Kaveri Delay and the A10-6790K launch (which to our eyes were a delaying tactic). Anyways now we have heard information that AMD is revising prices for its Richland and FX Series Lineup. Kaveri will be launching next year in February and you can expect more of these small updates form AMD. These are the updated prices leaked by Chinese Site EXPReview.


CPU model Black Edition? Old price New price Difference
A6-6400K Yes $71 $62 12.7%
A8-6500 No $112 $97 13.4%
A8-6600K Yes $112 $97 13.4%
A10-6790K Yes --- $122 ---
FX-9370 Yes --- $224 ---
FX-9590 Yes --- $306 ---

By the way AMD A10-6790k (released last week) has finally been oficially added to AMD's Price List. The prices of the A8 SKUs were slashed from $112 to $97. AMD has also added the prices of the FX-9370 and FX-9590 to their price list. The prices of A6-6400K, A8-6500 and A8-6600K have been decreased by about 13%

Keep in mind that the FX 9370 and FX 9590 were originally released at $350+ and $800+ so this is a massive price cut ( $224 and $306 respectively) from the original launch price.

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