AMD Radeon Adrenalin 22.3.1 Launches With Radeon Super Resolution ‘RSR’ Support

Jason R. Wilson
AMD Software Adrenalin

AMD releases the new AMD Radeon Adrenalin 22.3.1 driver, offering updated support for Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) Technology, AMD Link Play, Radeon Image Sharpening, and faster downloads. The new driver also supports notifications of changes made before jumping into their favorite games through improved Toast notifications.

AMD Adrenalin 22.3.1 launches, diminishing known issues and adding further support for new games and faster downloads.

AMD's Radeon Software Adrenalin 22.3.1 is a notebook reference graphics driver with limited support for system vendor-specific features. It is still unknown about the introduction of FSR 2.0, but it is slated during the second quarter this year.

Here are the changes that we see offered with today's update.


Support For

  • Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) Technology – RSR is an in-driver spatial upscaling feature built on the same algorithm as AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technology. It delivered near-native resolution and increased performance across thousands of games in exclusive full-screen mode on AMD RDNA-based and newer discrete graphics.
  • AMD Link – Updated AMD Link Play feature allows up to four users to connect to an AMD Radeon graphics-powered PC from an Android- or Windows-based PC, phone, tablet, or TV to play local multiplayer games. AMD Link also introduces customizable hotkeys, allowing gamers to use their devices to control their gaming experience. AMD Link is now accessible from the Microsoft store and can be downloaded as a standalone application on non-AMD-based PCs, inviting an even more comprehensive range of users and hardware to join a personal gaming cloud.
  • Radeon Image Sharpening (RIS) – Bringing crispness and clarity to in-game visuals softened by upscaling and post-process. Users can now use the latest version of RIS to enhance visuals in video playback and other productivity applications with a single click.
  • Faster Downloads – Saves time and reduces the driver download size when updating AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition directly from the application, downloading and installing only the files that need updating on the PC.
  • Improved Toast Notifications – Provides users with a more precise snapshot of which key features are enabled or disabled whenever they launch a game.

Fixed Issues

  • Some users on Windows 10 operating system may observe the absence of the windows transparency aero effect.
  • On some AMD Graphics Products such as Radeon RX 6800 XT Graphics, the Tuning page within AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition may display incorrect preset selections after installing the latest AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition driver.
  • While playing Forza Horizon 5 on some AMD Graphics Products such as Radeon RX 6800 Graphics, longer than expected load times may be experienced when Ray Tracing is enabled and set at either Medium or High Ray Tracing Quality setting.
  • While playing It Takes Two on some AMD Graphics Products, such as Radeon RX 6900 XT Graphics, visual artifacts may be observed.
  • Enabling Radeon Chill for SteamVR may lead to inconsistent performances being experienced.
  • After disabling the Hotkeys feature in AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition, some hotkeys still function for some users when they restart their system.

Known Issues

  • Using Radeon Super Resolution on 2560×1600 resolution displays may produce a system hang. A temporary workaround is to set the display Scaling Mode to Full Panel.
  • While playing Cyberpunk 2077 on Graphics Products such as Radeon RX 570 Graphics, some users may observe an issue where indoor areas appear darker than expected.
  • Enhanced Sync may cause a black screen when enabled on some games and system configurations. Any users who may be experiencing issues with Enhanced Sync enabled should disable it as a temporary workaround.
  • Radeon performance metrics and logging features may report extremely high and incorrect memory clock values intermittently.

Radeon Product Compatibility

Radeon Software Adrenalin 22.3.1 is compatible with the following AMD Radeon products.

  • RX 6900/6800/6700/6600/6500/6400 Series Graphics
  • RX 5700/5600/5500/5300 Series Graphics
  • Radeon VII
  • RX Vega Series Graphics
  • AMD Radeon Pro Duo
  • RX 500 / Radeon 500X Series Graphics
  • RX 400 Series Graphics

Mobility Radeon Product Compatibility

Radeon Software Adrenalin 22.3.1 is a notebook reference graphics driver with limited support for system vendor-specific features.

  • RX 6800M Series Graphics
  • RX 6700M Series Graphics
  • RX 6600M Series Graphics
  • RX 6500M Series Graphics
  • RX 6300M Series Graphics
  • RX 5700M/5600M/5500M/5300M Series Graphics
  • 600 Series Graphics

To download the new AMD Radeon Adrenalin 22.3.1 driver, you can access the download from or the mirror located here.

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