AMD Preps For Linux 6.3 With New Pull For DRM-Next, More Additions To Graphics Drivers

Jason R. Wilson
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AMD recently sent updates to the AMDGPU and AMDKFD graphics driver code into DRM-Next for the following Linux 6.3 kernel. The updated kernel should release in late February, providing more optimizations and support to AMDGPU and more fixes to the code.

AMD DRM Next receives a new pull request ahead of the Linux 6.3 kernel update in February

Before the AMD Radeon RX 7900 series graphics cards launched, additional work was needed to optimize the newest series. However, as you can see below, AMD engineers are working hard to increase optimizations and fixes to be added to Linux 6.3.



- secure display support for multiple displays
- DML optimizations
- DCN 3.2 updates
- PSR updates
- DP 2.1 updates
- SR-IOV RAS updates
- VCN RAS support
- SMU 13.x updates
- Switch 1 element arrays to flexible arrays
- Add RAS support for DF 4.3
- Stack size improvements
- S0ix rework
- Soft reset fix
- Allow 0 as a vram limit on APUs
- Display fixes
- Misc code cleanups
- Documentation fixes
- Handle profiling modes for SMU13.x


- Error handling fixes
- PASID fixes


- Switch 1 element arrays to flexible arrays


- Add DP adaptive sync DPCD definitions


- Add new INFO queries for peak and min sclk/mclk for profile modes on newer chips
Proposed mesa patch:

Looking through the list, we see "secure display support," which will enhance the use of multiple displays. A few notable updates are also to DisplayPort 2.1, Display Core Next v3.2 IP, SR-IOV RAS, and Video Core Next RAS changes and support, Panel Self Refresh (listed as PSR) updates, SMU 13.x updates directed at next-gen hardware released, and then more minute changes, fixes, and enhancements.

The new user-space API expansion focusing on information queries with the capability of reading the minimum and peak memory clocks and shaders for specific profiles in updated Radeon graphics cards is a feature of interest, notes Michael Larabel of Phoronix.

While these new inclusions and fixes for Linux 6.3 are minute and not drastically imperative for software to run smoothly, the fact that we are seeing that AMD engineers are continually pushing improvements into the open-source ecosystem is fantastic.

Users are welcome to see the current pull request on the Freedesktop organization website and the inclusions to the AMD Direct Rendering Manager, or DRM, driver. Still, we should expect many more additions and optimization over the month.

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