AMD Previews First 7nm Gaming Navi GPU: Radeon RX 5700 GPU, 10% Performance Uplift Over RTX 2070

Usman Pirzada

AMD's keynote conference is going on and the company just unveiled its highly anticipated Navi micro-architecture. The Radeon RX 5700 has been announced and is the first 7nm Navi gaming part. AMD will be launching the NAVI RX 5000 family at E3 in June.  The Radeon RX 5700 is being pitched against the NVIDIA RTX 2070 GPU and according to Strange Brigade demo shown during the event, can score up to 10% performance uplift over its competitor.

AMD launches Navi architecture with the Radeon 5700 gaming GPU: unveiling at E3, launching in July

AMD's Navi architecture is fabricated on the 7nm process (TSMC) and will be hitting the shelves in the form of the Radeon 5700 GPU for gamers. This marks the second 7nm architecture from the company following the Vega 7 unveiled almost a full year back. It is also the point where the 7nm process has matured to the point where it is ready for cost-effective mass production.

AMD's RX 5700 scores up to 10% performance differential in the demo shown.

The NAVI GPU is powered by AMD's RDNA macro-architecture, which is the first non-GCN architecture to come out of the company. The RX 5700 is a mainstream card and in the demo shown fluctuated between equal performance (CPU bottleneck?) to up to 10% performance differential against the RTX 2070 part shown.

The company will be handing out more details on the card in June at E3 however, the card will be launching sometime in July - which is inline with our exclusive in which we told you that the card will launch roughly one month after Computex. Interestingly, Lisa Su did hint that the chip is "small" and that "we like small" indicating that this will be a small die leveraging the capability of the 7nm process. According to the RDNA slides show, there is up to a 1.5x perf per watt advantage for RDNA over GCN and this is something that should be reflected in the Radeon RX 5700 GPU.

Today marks AMD's 50 year anniversary and the unveiling of multiple 50 year anniversary products in a very celebratory announcement. Needless to say this is very exciting news from AMD. The company has already unveiled its 2nd 7nm architecture and product (with the Radeon 5700) while NVIDIA has yet to cough up a 7nm part (although it retains its performance crown and claims to not subscribe to the process focused ideology). AMD's announcements showcase its effective management and turn-around by Lisa Su - to the point where the company has opened the Computex 2019 conference at the first and foremost keynote.


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