AMD Kaveri APU A10-7850k Vs Intel i5-4570R Intel Iris Pro Graphics – The Ultimate Showdown

Usman Pirzada

As Promised Earlier, I have some very interesting benches for you, directly from our Chinese source These benchmarks pit the Kaveri APU A10-7850k  (With Mantle where it is Applicable) against the Intel i5-4570R Iris Pro Graphics in the ultimate test of all in one graphical supremacy.

Kaveri APU Vs Intel Iris Pro Graphics Battle Royale - The All-In-One Processor Benchmarks

Let me begin by giving some preliminaries. The Intel system is basically the Gigabyte NUC (Next Unit of Computing), more precisely the 'GB-BXi5-4570R'. Its specs are as follows:

  • Core i5 4570R @ 3.2Ghz
  • Iris Pro Graphics 5200 @1150Mhz
  • GT3e @ 22nm Fab

On the other side of the ring we have the AMD flagship Kaveri APU the A10-7850K. Its test rig specs are as follows:

  • A10-7850k @4.0Ghz
  • Radeon R7 Graphics @ 720 Mhz
  • Kaveri @ 28nm Fab
  • Catalyst 14.1 Beta 1.6

Now let the benchmarks commence.

022 023 024This round is of the synthetic benchmarks. The Intel Iris Pro Graphics solution leads in the first benchmark which is Cloud Gate (DX10) in both the Graphics and Physics Score. While in 3dMark Firestrike the Kaveri APU leads the Graphics Department while staying behind its counterpart in Physics.

AMD Kaveri APU A10-7850k Battlefield 4 Benchmark AMD Kaveri APU A10-7850k Crysis 3 Benchmark 027 028 029 031The first organic benchmark is of Battlefield 4 and this is where the Kaveri APU creams the Intel Iris Pro Graphics by a respectable margin. However the next game, Crysis 3,  is very CPU-Intensive and gives the edge back to the Intel Iris Pro Solution. We see mixed results in Bioshock Infinite and Skyrim benchmarks with the Kaveri and Iris Pro Graphics performing about the same over all. Finally we have a win for the Iris Pro Graphics 5200 in FFXIV and a win for Kaveri in Grid 2. And Finally, Performance Per Watt.

AMD Kaveri APU A10-7850k Iris Pro Graphics Performance Per WattIn here we can see a clear win for the Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200 Solution. The minima and maxima are as follows: 18-85 Watts for Intel and 43-131 Watts for AMD.


Basically what we have here, is as usual a stalemate. Wait what? didn't Intel clearly win you ask? No actually, its not that simple. There is another important factor not mentioned here which is Price Per Performance Per Watt. And in that AMD takes the cake, infact it takes home the entire bakery. So while performance wise they are more or less equal and efficiency wise Intel has the edge, Price wise AMD has an even bigger edge. Great now that didn't solve anything did it?

P.S. This ain't over yet.


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