AMD FX-6200, A8-3870-3670 Details, Pricing & Release Date Leaked

Sabeeh Qureshi

Despite the earlier setbacks faced by AMD on their Bulldozer architecture, they are yet churning out another processor for its Fusion line, the 6 Core FX-6200 APU releasing this 26th December. The latest update to AMD’s Fusion family is coming in this December with unlocked multipliers and referred to as the ‘K-series’.

Two new Fusion quad core CPU’s are also coming into the market known as the A8-3870K and the A6-3670K respectively. Technical specs include a default clock speed of 3 GHz, dual channel DDR3 support, 4MB Level 2 in terms of cache and ships with a Radeon HD 6550HD as the integrated graphics unit. The iGPU with its 400 parallel processing units is clocked at 600MHz and is DirectX 11 supported. The retail price has been set to $135.


As for the A6-3670K, it shares the same capabilities as the 3870K yet clocked at 2.7 GHz with the iGPU as the Radeon HD 6530D with 320 processing units clocked at 443 MHz and priced as $115. The TDP for these Fusion chips will be around 100W.

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