AMD Llano Based APU’s Giving Poor Yields

According to Fudzilla's own sources, AMD is in hot water when it comes to numbers for their new Llano APU’s.

Apparently, from every wafer AMD makes, 50 to 60 percent of the chips are functioning while the rest are rendered useless. This in turn leads to poor yields, mainly since besides introducing the new architecture for the CPU and GPU combined processors, AMD has also altered its manufacturing process that leads to this issue.

This is indeed a very complex thing to do or should I say a big move by the company when they are binding a massive Radeon GPU with AMD’s new 32nm CPU’s. Let’s not forget that this is the most complex chi  that has been made in the ever so expanding computer industry so such kickbacks are expected at this time.

As for now, the company isn’t making much money since these aren’t exactly what they would call good yields speaking of which should be around 90 percent. As the chip is so large in size, one cannot get many of them from the single 32nm silicon wafer. The problem seems to have been traced out to the Radeon GPU’s from the company that had been formally known as ATi while the CPU’s seem to work fine.

Global Foundries, incharge of making the chips for AMD, are having a tough time as it is the first time they have started to manufacture a graphics chips that is based on a 32nm silicon on an insulator.

On the other hand, Bulldozer seems to be doing well and has been having quite healthy yields. Recently, AMD’s Bulldozer FX-8150 had also broken a Guinness World Record for achieving a massive 8.43 GHz overclock on liquid helium, so one can also expect somewhat similar, if not close, overclocking results from the APU’s as well.

Nevertheless, the next generation of AMD’s Fusion APU’s known as Trinity, are expected to produce better results.

AMD’s tick-tick strategy may have been hard on them but from the consumer side, Llano APU’s are a hit as you get a decent CPU along with an onboard GPU that gives good graphics and goes easy on your wallet.

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