AMD To Unveil FSR 2.0 at GDC 2022: Twice The Performance of Native Resolution With Raytracing, Higher Image Quality Without ML Hardware

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AMD is coming out with its next-gen FSR 2.0 technology at GDC 2022, offering improved visual quality & performance boost versus the current version.

AMD FSR 2.0 To Feature Twice The Performance of Native Resolution With Ray Tracing Without Dependence Machine Learning Cores, Launching at GDC 2022

Videocardz managed to get hold of the new slides for FSR 2.0 which will be unveiled at GDC 2022 on 23rd March however the initial introduction is said to take place on 17th March. According to the available information, FSR 2.0 will extend on the existing version of AMD's FiedilityFX Super Resolution technology and feature an advanced temporal upscaler.

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AMD FSR 2.0 technology features. (Image Credits: Videocardz)

AMD FSR 2.0 vs DLSS 2.0 - Battle of ML vs Non-ML Image Upscalers

The 'Next-Level' Temporal Upscaling technology is said to deliver image quality that will be better than native resolution by utilizing temporal data and will also include optimized anti-aliasing. This will be comparable to NVIDIA's DLSS 2.0 though the latter still has the advantage of AI assistance. It's something that will only be seen after launch if the extra Tensor cores on NVIDIA's GPUs are able to offer a better-upscaled image versus the non-ML approach from AMD.

This, however, opens the room for AMD to incorporate FSR 2.0 in its existing GPUs with ease since there is no additional hardware requirement in place. Furthermore, the technology won't just be supported by AMD but also competitor GPUs too, offering a boost in framerates in supported AAA games across a wide range of products and platforms.

AMD FSR 2.0 technology performance. (Image Credits: Videocardz)

In one comparison slide, it is seen that AMD FSR 2.0 offers up to twice the performance of the native resolution with ray tracing enabled in Deathloop, a title that will be amongst the first to utilize the new technology.

Some features mentioned in the previous leak by CapFrameX for the AMD FSR 2.0 technology would include:

  • Temporal upscaling + optimized AA
  • Does not need AI
  • Runs on GPUs from all vendors
  • Impressive performance and image quality
  • AMD even claims that it can be better than native

Now, do note that this comparison is done with FSR 2.0 at 'Performance' mode. It is unknown if AMD means 'better than native' image quality at Quality mode or Performance mode. Besides the FSR 2.0 announcement, AMD is also going to ship a new driver that will include RSR (Radeon Super Resolution) support.

The tech will work on GPUs starting Radeon RX 5000 series and above but in terms of image quality, it won't be comparable to FSR since it's a driver-level implementation that is going to upscale the whole frame in a running application rather than specific dev-optimized tiles as FSR.

News Source: Videocardz

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