AMD is Looking at Feasibility of Mantle on Linux – No Mantle-Linux Code Currently Exists

We just received some very interesting news from the folks over at Phoronix. Apparently AMD is still looking into Mantle on Linux. However at the time of writing this article, no code for the same (Mantle on Linux) currently exists. Which basically means that though AMD is contemplating a Linux Version of Mantle, it has not started yet, if it ever will.

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AMD: Mantle on Linux is a 'Maybe' at the moment - No code currently exists for it

AMD talked quite a bit about its homemade API "Mantle" and the topic of Linux support was inevitable brought up. Though we think that for Linux, OpenGL is the way to go, the advantages of Mantle on Linux could have benefits today and could even pave the future of Steam Machines. However, it was revealed in the same GDC conference that currently no code exists for such an attempt, not even one parenthesis. While that may look as bad news for people hoping to see Mantle on Linux, it actually doesn't mean anything significant (in that regard). If AMD wants Mantle on Linux, it will do so regardless of the fact whether it has started work on it or not.

Now the good news is that AMD stated that they are "looking into it" which is definitely better than a concrete no. The problem is of course that OpenGL has progressed by leaps and bounds, especially the recent revelation at GDC (which I might detail later in another article) and the only problem that actually plagues the same is a surprising lack of Developer Adoption. Mantle will of course have no such issue, but there's the problem of redundancy.Also embracing Linux would mean more open drivers support which could be a double-edged sword for the company, seeing that Mantle is a completely new venture. Another major problem AMD mentioned is resource allocation, they are hesitant at putting their resources to a Mantle based API, if the returns do not exceed the cost.


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