AMD EPYC Rome Prices and Specs Leak Out – Flagship EPYC 7742 With 64 Cores, 128 Threads, 3.40 GHz Boost Clock ‘225W’ To Cost Under $10,000 US

The final specifications and prices for AMD's next-generation EPYC Rome processor lineup that is based on the new 7nm, Zen 2 core architecture, have leaked out. The details come from Reddit via Planet3dNOW who are reporting not only the specifications for each specific SKU in the 7nm EPYC lineup but also their prices which look super disruptive for the server market.

AMD EPYC Rome '7nm Zen 2' Specs and Prices Leak - 64 Cores and 128 Thread EPYC 7742 For Less Than $10,000 US

There are a total of 19 EPYC Rome SKUs that have been mentioned starting with the entry-level 8 core, 16 thread and the top-end 64 core, 128 thread variants. The chips will be supported by the LGA 4094 socket (SP3) which is designed for EPYC processors and AMD has already confirmed add-in support for the 7nm Rome family which excludes the need to upgrade the entire platform for the next-gen server lineup.

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Starting with the chips themselves, the flagship is the EPYC 7742, a 64 core and 128 thread part. It features a max clock speed of 3.40 GHz. This is a nice boost over the EPYC 7601 which featured 32 cores and 64 threads, running at a max clock speed of 3.20 GHz but a lower 180W TDP. The EPYC 7742 does feature a 225W TDP, but given the number of cores and its higher clock speed, even the 225W figure is very impressive. Coming to the cache size, the EPYC 7742 features 256 MB of cache and should also feature at least 128 PCIe Gen 4 lanes (if not more).

When it comes to pricing, EPYC 7742 is listed with a price tag of 8,266 Euros or $9340 US. Do note that the EU based retail site has a 21% VAT rate so, excluding that, the price should be €6878.50 which should equate to $7,774 US. At launch, the EPYC 7601 'Naples' was priced at $4200 US so this is a less than 2x increase for twice the number of cores and threads at higher clock speeds.

Intel's 56 core, 112 thread Xeon Platinum 9282 which was announced a few months back features a TDP of 400W and a maximum boost frequency of 3.8 GHz. The chip is expected to cost between $25,000 to $50,000 (mentions Anandtech). So yeah, you can see the difference in price, wattage & number of cores/threads between both flagships.

Note: These prices are still based on a single retailer and could be lower when AMD officially unveils them.

AMD EPYC Rome '7nm Zen 2' CPU Lineup Specifications and Prices:

CPU NameCores / ThreadsBase ClockMax Boost ClockCacheTDPSteppingOPNUS Price
EPYC 7H1264 / 1282.60 GHz3.30 GHz256 MB280WTBDTBDTBD
EPYC 774264 / 1282.25 GHz3.40 GHz256 MB225WSSP-B0100-000000053$6950
EPYC 770264 / 1282.00 GHz3.35 GHz256 MB180WSSP-B0100-000000038$6450
EPYC 7702P64 / 1282.00 GHz3.35 GHz256 MB200WSSP-B0100-000000047$4425
EPYC 766264 / 1282.00 GHz3.30 GHz256 MB225WSSP-B0TBDTBD
EPYC 764248 / 962.40 GHz3.40 GHz256 MB225WSSP-B0100-000000074$4775
EPYC 755248 / 962.20 GHz3.35 GHz192 MB180WSSP-B0100-000000076$4025
EPYC 754232 / 642.90 GHz3.40 GHz128 MB225WSSP-B0100-000000075$3400
EPYC 753232 / 642.40 GHz3.20 GHz256 MB200WSSP-B0TBDTBD
EPYC 750232 / 642.50 GHz3.35 GHz128 MB180WSSP-B0100-000000054$2600
EPYC 7502P32 / 642.50 GHz3.35 GHz128 MB180WSSP-B0100-000000045$2300
EPYC 745232 / 642.35 GHz3.35 GHz128 MB155WSSP-B0100-000000057$2025
EPYC 740224 / 482.80 GHz3.35 GHz128 MB180WSSP-B0100-000000046$1783
EPYC 7402P24 / 482.80 GHz3.35 GHz128 MB180WSSP-B0100-000000048$1250
EPYC 735224 / 482.30 GHz3.20 GHz128 MB155WSSP-B0100-000000077$1350
EPYC 730216 / 322.80 GHz3.30 GHz128 MB155WSSP-B0100-000000043$978
EPYC 7302P16 / 322.80 GHz3.30 GHz128 MB155WSSP-B0100-000000049$825
EPYC 728216 / 322.00 GHz3.20 GHz64 MB120WSSP-B0100-000000078$650
EPYC 727212 / 242.60 GHz3.20 GHz64 MB120WSSP-B0100-000000079$625
EPYC 72628 / 163.20 GHz3.40 GHz128 MB155WSSP-B0100-000000041$575
EPYC 72528 / 162.80 GHz3.20 GHz64 MB120WSSP-B0100-000000080$475
EPYC 7252P8 / 162.80 GHz3.20 GHz64 MB120WSSP-B0100-000000081$450

You can see that AMD has several '1P' parts which are basically designed for single-socket servers while the '2P' parts are compatible with both single and dual socket servers. The other interesting part about these specs is that compared to the EPYC 7601 'Naples', the EPYC 7502 'Rome' with the same core configuration offers a +150 MHz clock boost of 3.35 GHz with the new Zen 2 cores at the same TDP of 180W. The chip also costs $1200 US less than the Naples based flagship with a price of around $2900 US. AMD is offering higher core count 48 core, 96 thread SKUs for the price of the previous flagship EPYC Naples chip which would put them in a leading position again in the server market.

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Just a few days ago, we got to see the first benchmarks of AMD's EPYC 7452 'Rome' processor against Intel's Xeon Gold and AMD's EPYC 7551 processor. The chip showed a commanding lead within most of the tests performed and at the given price point of $2200-$2300 US, the chip absolutely crushes the 20 core, 40 thread Xeon Gold 6148 which costs $3072 US. Expect AMD to continue dominating the server landscape with their second generation EPYC processors when they launch in the next quarter.

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