AMD EPYC Embedded 3000 CPUs Have Been Updated – Now In Configurable TDP Variants


AMD has updated the EPYC Embedded 3000 Series lineup by adding and dropping some models of the EPYC Embedded processors. This series of processors are primarily designed around being used in the server and embedded system markets, so while they do features the same architecture as AMD's other processors, they have some server features, like high core counts, more PCI Express lanes and support for larger amounts of RAM. Serve The Home released this article on the changes to AMD's line up.

AMD has updated the EPYC Embedded 3000 series lineup, this update removes two models but adds the ability to configure the TDP of three processors

These processors are specifically designed to compete against Intel Xeon D, this series of processors have two different variants, a dual-die solution. The first single-die solution supports eight cores and sixteen threads and provides support for up to 32 PCIe Generation 3 lanes, and four 10 GbE links. The second version of AMD's EPYC Embedded processor features more cores while halving the IO available.

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Originally this processor line features the 3451, 3401, 3351, 3301, 3251, 3201, 3151, and 3101 models; the sockets of these processors are still unknown. But this image shows the cores, threads, and the TDP of the processors. The TDP of 3451, 3351 change from what was initially non-configurable, but in the second image recently released by AMD shows that these processors TDP are now configurable. The TDP's of these two processors are 80-100 watts and 60-80 watts, respectively.

The TDP's changing from being set to being configurable isn't the only change shown in these two different images, the second significant change is the fact that two models are missing from the second slide. These two SKUs are 3401 and 3301, and seemingly these two SKUs were merged into the 3351 and 3451 SKUs. These two SKUs are dual dies parts, and these SKUs use a different socket when compared to the single-die solution, these processors using the SP4 socket and SP4r2 socket, respectively.

Another processor that AMD added to this lineup is the EPYC 3255; this processor, like the two other added processors, features a configurable TDP, yet since it's based off the single die solution uses the SP4r2 socket. The 3255 processor has a TDP that ranges from an amazingly low 25 watts with the ability to be configured up to 55 watts.