AMD EPYC 7543 ‘Milan’ Server CPU With 32 Zen 3 Cores & 3.7 GHz Clocks Benchmarked, Huge Single-Threaded Performance Increase


The latest AMD EPYC 7543 'Milan' Server CPU benchmarks have leaked out and showcase a huge single-core performance jump. Benchmarks for the same CPU also leaked out a while ago and we saw the 32 chip delivering performance on par with dual Intel Xeon CPUs that featured 56 cores & 112 threads.

AMD EPYC 7543 'Milan' 32 Core / 64 Thread CPU Benchmarked, Up To 3.70 GHz Clocks & Huge Single-Thread Performance Jump

The benchmarks are once again from a 1P (single-socket) server running the AMD EPYC 7543 CPU which is part of the 3rd Gen Milan lineup. The Milan lineup is based on the Zen 3 architecture and features a new core/cache configuration. The Wiwynn SV302A-U is a 1U rack that comes equipped with a total of 384 GB of DDR4 memory.

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The AMD EPYC 7543 CPU features the Zen 3 core architecture and is comprised of 32 cores and 64 threads. As for clock speeds, the chip has a rated base clock of 2.80 GHz and boosts up to 3.70 GHz which is quite a respectable clock rate for the processor. Based on the clocks, we can assume that this part will have a TDP close to 200W. The CPU also features 256 MB of L3 cache and 16 MB of L2 cache. It confirms that the chip is actually making use of 8 CCD's instead of four. The four CCD 32 core part would be configured for a different SKU with 128 MB of L3 cache.

AMD EPYC Milan 3rd Gen Server CPU Lineup:

CPU NameCores / ThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockL3 CacheL2 CacheTDPPrice
AMD EPYC 776364 / 1282.45 GHz3.500 GHz256 MB32 MB280W (cTDP 225W Down / 280W Up)$7890 US
AMD EPYC 771364 / 1282.00 GHz3.675 GHz256 MB32 MB225W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$7060 US
AMD EPYC 7713P64 / 1282.00 GHz3.675 GHz256 MB32 MB225W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$5010 US
AMD EPYC 766356 / 1122.00 GHz3.500 GHz256 MB24 MB240W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$6366 US
AMD EPYC 764348 / 962.30 GHz3.600 GHz256 MB24 MB225W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$4995 US
AMD EPYC 75F332 / 642.95 GHz4.000 GHz256 MB32 MB280W (cTDP 225W Down / 280W Up)$4860 US
AMD EPYC 754332 / 642.80 GHz3.700 GHz256 MB32 MB225W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$3761 US
AMD EPYC 7543P32 / 642.80 GHz3.700 GHz256 MB32 MB225W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$2730 US
AMD EPYC 751332 / 642.60 GHz3.650 GHz128 MB16 MB200W (cTDP 165W Down / 200W Up)$2840 US
AMD EPYC 745328 / 562.75 GHz3.450 GHz64 MB16 MB225W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$1570 US
AMD EPYC 74F324 / 483.20 GHz4.000 GHz256 MB12 MB240W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$2900 US
AMD EPYC 744324 / 482.85 GHz4.000 GHz128 MB12 MB200W (cTDP 165W Down / 200W Up)$2010 US
AMD EPYC 7443P24 / 482.85 GHz4.000 GHz128 MB12 MB200W (cTDP 165W Down / 200W Up)$1337 US
AMD EPYC 741324 / 482.65 GHz3.600 GHz128 MB16 MB180W (cTDP 165 Down / 200W Up)$1825 US
AMD EPYC 73F316 / 323.50 GHz4.000 GHz256 MB16 MB240W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$3521 US
AMD EPYC 734316 / 323.20 GHz3.900 GHz128 MB8 MB190W (cTDP 165W Down / 200W Up)$1565 US
AMD EPYC 731316 / 323.00 GHz3.700 GHz128 MB16 MB155W (cTDP 155W Down / 180W Up)$1083 US
AMD EPYC 7313P16 / 323.00 GHz3.700 GHz128 MB16 MB155W (cTDP 155W Down / 180W Up)$913 US
AMD EPYC 72F38 / 163.70 GHz4.100 GHz256 MB4 MB180W (cTDP 165 Down / 200W Up)$2468 US

Looking at the performance numbers, the AMD EPYC 7543 was able to score 1343 points in single-core and 25909 points in multi-core tests. Do note that the multi-core performance is a bit lacking versus the Intel Xeon parts we will be using for comparison but that's mostly due to the fact that the benchmark makes use of AVX-512 speedup which gives the Intel CPUs an advantage so we will be primarily focusing on the single-core performance.

Versus its predecessor, the EPYC 7542, AMD's EPYC 7543 scores a 37% lead in single-core and a 2x increase in multi-core tests. These numbers are taken from the average results for the EPYC 7542 within Geekbench 5 database. Moving to the Intel Xeon parts, the chip scores a 25-30% lead over the Xeon Gold 6246R (32 Core Dual) & Xeon 6254 (36 core Dual) in single-core tests. The CPU also manages a 20% lead over the Xeon Gold 6258R which boosts up to 4.0 GHz.

So in apples to apple comparison, the AMD EPYC Milan CPUs will have a tremendously higher lead and we are just taking general performance without mentioning the better performance/value and perf per watt which would translate to lower TCO when building a Milan server. AMD also showed benchmarks of its 32 Core Milan server CPU which was 68% faster than a comparable Xeon Gold platform in their recent CES 2021 keynote, you can read more about that here.

News Source: TUM_APISAK