[Update]AMD Ends Production of Radeon HD 7850 Due To Non-Availability of Memory Modules


Radeon HD 7850

Update: AMD has only discontinued the 1 GB version of the Radeon HD 7850 GPU, the 2 GB models cease to exist.

AMD today launched their new Radeon HD 7790 GPU which fills the gap between the Radeon HD 7770 GHz and Radeon HD 7850 GPUs. However along side the launch, HardwareCanucks have learned that AMD would now be ending production of their Radeon HD 7850 GPU.

AMD To End Radeon HD 7850 Production

AMD had initially launched both the Radeon HD 7870 and Radeon HD 7850 GPUs based on the Pitcairn chips in March last year. From then, both cards have witnessed massive price drops with the Radeon HD 7850 available now for $199.99 and $239.99 for the Radeon HD 7870. However, Hardwarecanucks has reported that the HD 7850 is no longer in production due to non-availability of the GDDR5 memory modules it uses. The memory modules used on the Radeon HD 7850 are said to be discontinued due to reasons not known but this affects the production of the Radeon HD 7850 GPU hecne its production had to be halted by AMD.

AMD has also revealed some sad news: the venerable HD 7850 1GB is no longer being produced due to the GDDR5 memory modules it uses being discontinued. Its absence may be felt since it was a perfect gateway product for high performance at a low price point but the HD 7790 should take over much of the slack. HardwareCanucks

The Radeon HD 7850 is still the faster card over the newly launched Radeon HD 7790 and was a great cost effective part while it lasted. Those of you still interested to buying the GPU should do so now while its still available on retail outlets such as Newegg. As for the Radeon HD 7790, we have mentioned the full details on the new product in our article here. AMD is also expected to launch their new Radeon HD 7990 GPU codenamed "Malta" which feature dual Tahiti XT cores in Q2 2013, you can learn more about it here.