AMD to debut Several Kabini Products in March – FS1B Socket will now be Called the AM1 Socket

Information has surfaced from the Chinese VR Zone that AMD will debut several APUs in March and the FS1b socket will get a re brand (sort of) to "AM1".
AMD FS1b Now AM1 Pin

AMD shipping new APUs in March and Re branding the FS1b Socket to AM1

Apparently AMD is shipping FS1b-pin ( or AM1 as it is now called) based APUs in March however these APUS will have the Jaguar Core, meaning that they are Kabini. Thir performance is thought to be 10% more than APUs with Bobcat Core however they will only support 64bit Single Channel DDR3 Memory.

Another interesting thing is that though the APU will feature GCN Cores it will not support DX 11.2 rather, only DX 11.1. However there is word in the air that a soft update should enable that feature post shipping.

AMD FS1b AM1 Pin Kabini APUsImage courtesy of C VR Zone.

3 APUs will be released and all of them will be rated at 25W. The first APU will be the A4-5350 with 4 Cores and 2 MB Cache. It will be clocked at 1.6Ghz. The Second will be the A4-3850, also a Quad Core and will be clocked at 1.3 Ghz, with 2mb of cache. The final APU is the E1-2650 which is the only Dual Core and will be clocked at 1.45 Ghz with 1 MB of Cache.

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