AMD Confirms EPYC Milan-X 3D V-Cache CPUs Launching Later This Month

Hassan Mujtaba
AMD Confirms EPYC Milan-X 3D V-Cache CPUs Launching Later This Month

AMD has confirmed that EPYC Milan-X CPUs with 3D V-Cache will be launching later this month. The new chips will be the first data center product to feature the brand new 3D V-Cache technology.

AMD EPYC Milan-X 3D V-Cache CPUs For The Data Center Launching Later This Month

The confirmation comes from AMD's SVP & GM of the Server Division, Dan McNamara, who stated during the SIG (Susquehanna Financial Group) Annual Technology conference. McNamara revealed that the chip manufacturer was already sampling EPYC Milan-X CPUs and are going to launch them later this month.

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"We are sampling [Milan-X] products in GA today, and we are going to launch that product actually at the end of this month," said McNamara at the SIG Annual Tech Conference 2022. "So, we are very, very excited about that."

"[Milan-X] is going to deliver up to a 50% performance increase across technical computing workloads like computational fluid dynamics, EDA, and any sort of advanced physics modeling are going to see a tremendous uplift here," said McNamara. "So we are really excited about this family. It is going to triple the amount of cache offered from Milan and the uplift we are seeing, as I mentioned, is pretty dramatic."

Dan McNamara (AMD SVP/GM Server) at SIG Annual Tech Conference via Tomshardware

Earlier this week, a rumor started that AMD's EPYC Milan-X would be launching specifically on the 21st of March which aligns with the confirmation by Dan.

AMD EPYC Milan-X server CPU lineup will consist of four processors. The EPYC 7773X features 64 cores and 128 threads, the EPYC 7573X features 32 cores and 128 threads, the EPYC 7473X features 24 cores and 48 threads while the EPYC 7373X features 16 cores and 32 threads. The models along with their OPN codes are:

  • EPYC 7773X 64 Core (100-000000504)
  • EPYC 7573X 32 Core (100-000000506)
  • EPYC 7473X 24 Core (100-000000507)
  • EPYC 7373X 16 Core (100-000000508)
AMD EPYC 7003X 'Milan-X' CPU prices as listed over at ShopBLT. (Image Credits: Momomo_US)

The flagship AMD EPYC 7773X will rock 64 cores, 128 threads and feature a maximum TDP of 280W. The clock speeds will be maintained at 2.2 GHz base and 3.5 GHz boost while the cache amount will drive up to an insane 768 MB. This includes the standard 256 MB of L3 cache that the chip features so essentially, we are looking at 512 MB coming from the stacked L3 SRAM which means that each Zen 3 CCD will feature 64 MB of L3 cache. That's an insane 3x increase over the existing EPYC Milan CPUs. In terms of pricing, the EPYC 7773X costs $9609 which is 11% more expensive than the $8616 price of the EPYC 7763.

The second model is the EPYC 7573X which features 32 cores and 64 threads with a 280W TDP. The base clock is maintained at 2.8 GHz and the boost clock is rated at up to 3.6 GHz. The total cache is 768 MB for this SKU too. Now interestingly, you don't need to have 8 CCDs to reach 32 cores as that can be achieved with a 4 CCD SKU too but considering that you'd need double the amount of stack cache to reach 768 MB, that doesn't look like a very economical option for AMD and hence, even the lower-core count SKUs might be featuring the full 8-CCD chips. The 7573X costs $6107 which is 14% more expensive than the $5312 US pricing of the EPYC 75F3.

AMD chief Dr. Lisa Su introduces the EPYC Milan-x lineup.

With that said, we have the EPYC 7473X which is a 24 core and 48 thread variant with a 2.8 GHz base and 3.7 GHz boost clock and a TDP of 240W while the 16 core and 32 thread EPYC 7373X is configured at a 240W TDP with a base clock of 3.05 GHz and 3.8 GHz boost clock and  768 MB of cache. Both chips cost $4290 and $5137, respectively, which makes them 34 & 32 percent more expensive than their Non-X counterparts.

AMD EPYC Milan-X 7003X Server CPU (Preliminary) Specs:

CPU NameCores / ThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockLLC (3D SRAM)L3 Cache (V-Cache + L3 Cache)L2 CacheTDPPrice (ShopBLT)Price (MSRP)
AMD EPYC 7773X64 / 1282.2 GHz3.500 GHzYes (64 MB per CCD)512 + 256 MB32 MB280W (cTDP 225W Down / 280W Up)$9609.36 US$8800 US
AMD EPYC 776364 / 1282.45 GHz3.500 GHzN/A256 MB32 MB280W (cTDP 225W Down / 280W Up)$8616.41 US$7890 US
AMD EPYC 7573X32 / 642.80 GHz3.600 GHzYes (64 MB per CCD)512 + 256 MB32 MB280W (cTDP 225W Down / 280W Up)$6107.88 US$5590 US
AMD EPYC 75F332 / 642.95GHz4.000 GHzN/A256 MB32 MB225W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$5312.39 US$4860 US
AMD EPYC 7473X24 / 482.80 GHz3.700 GHzYes (64 MB per CCD)512 + 256 MB12 MB240W (cTDP 190W Down / 250W Up)$4290.23 US$3900 US
AMD EPYC 74F324 / 483.20 GHz4.000 GHzN/A128 MB12 MB200W (cTDP 165W Down / 200W Up)$3197.87 US$2900 US
AMD EPYC 7373X16 / 323.05 GHz3.800 GHzYes (64 MB per CCD)512 + 256 MB8 MB240W (cTDP 190W Down / 250W Up)$5137.38 US$4185 US
AMD EPYC 73F316 / 323.50 GHz4.000 GHzN/A128 MB8 MB190W (cTDP 165W Down / 200W Up)$3874.10 US$1565 US

As for performance, AMD showcased a 66% performance uplift in RTL verifications with Milan-X versus the standard Milan CPU. A live demo showcased how Synopsys VCS Functional verification test was completed by Milan-X 16-core SKU much faster than the non-X 16 core SKU. We have also seen latency and bandwidth benchmarks for the Milan-X lineup which means that there are indeed use cases in the HPC segment for chips with such large cache designs. As a result, there will be a lot of customers who will be willing to pay the slight price difference to get access to almost 1 GB of cache per chip.

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