AMD Bulldozer Pricing revealed on Official Website, Retail 8 Core Processors will cost around 300US$


AMD has officially confirmed the retail pricing of its upcoming Bulldozer CPU's. The pricing was revealed in the latest AMD Giveaway where it was mentioned that 8 Core FX-CPU's will cost around 300US$ range.

The giveaway is only limited to US and Canada citizens, A total of 5 8 Core Bulldozer CPU's will be given away. You can register here. Following is the list of prizes:

  • Top tier prizes: Five (5) AMD FX series eight-core processors. Approximate Retail Value: $300 USD each.
  • Second tier prizes: One hundred (100) collectible Ruby dolls. Approximate Value: $25 USD each.
It isn't confirmed if the processor will include the FX-8100 or FX-8150 chip, Also Bulldozer is expected to launch in September 2011 as we detailed earlier here
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