AMD Bulldozer FX-8130P Video Demonstration Reveals 4.2Ghz Turbo Core Frequency

The Czech Reviewer and Blogger "OBR" has posted another video on YouTube in which he demonstrated the AMD FX-8130P (Bulldozer) Processor yet again. The FX-8130P consists of 8 Core/ 8 Threads and features a 8MB L3 Cache.

The Video shows a stock clocked Bulldozer FX-8130P Processor running at a low 1.4Ghz Speed due to power gating feature at voltages of 0.936 - 1.032V (Idle). The CPU-z version used is the latest v1.58 which comes with Bulldozer CPU support however the TDP bar still isn't fixed showing "186W" as seen in previous benchmarks.

The interesting part of the video is that the user stressed the CPU by running a 2M Calculations bench from Super PI Software. The CPU kicked up the speeds to the Stock 3.2Ghz clock and within a few moment went up to a staggering 4.2Ghz Core Clock while the Voltage remained under 1.380 - 1.402V Range.

Now we already reported the CPU to feature a 4.2Ghz Core clock here, This can also mean that OBR was using true B2 revision model of the processor as he B0 revision don't feature such high clocks, The thing is that OBR is teasing by clocking out the CPU-z "CPU Model" bar which could made thing clear. Anyways, Let's see if he shows some detailed benchmarks in the upcoming days as reported in his last video here.

More details on the Bulldozer FX-8130P Processor below:

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