AMD B650E & B650 Motherboards Launched, Starting at $159.99 US With No Board At The Promised $125 US MSRP In Sight

Hassan Mujtaba

AMD's board partners have officially introduced their B650E & B650 motherboards which are now available for pre-order, starting at $159.99 US.

AMD B650E & B650 Motherboards Launched With Starting Prices Of $159.99 US But Where Are The $125 US Boards?

We are aware of the premium prices that the AMD X670E & X670 motherboards are currently being priced at. Most motherboards are starting at over $300 US and the only options that were listed for under that amount are either sold out or not available yet. It is clear that AMD wants to focus on its high-end customers first before moving into the mainstream family. But as we get close to the Intel 13th Gen launch, AMD will finally open to doors to its B650E & B650 series motherboards. The new motherboards are designed for mainstream and budget consumers and AMD had officially stated a starting price of $125 US for the boards.

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AMD B650E & B650 Series Platform

The B650E & B650 chipsets will be aimed as a mainstream motherboard solution with the Extreme series featuring both PCIe Gen 5.0 and M.2 while the non-E boards will adopt only the PCIe 5.0 slot designs.

The B650 motherboards will be the successor to the B550 motherboards and come in a similar price range. Compared to the X670/E offerings, the B650 chipset will come in a single PCH design. The motherboards will carry support for RDNA 2 iGPU too which will be featured on Ryzen 7000 'Raphael' CPUs and offer both HDMI / DP outputs.

However, today is the launch day and major retailers have started listing down the first B650E & B650 motherboards but the prices start at $159.99 US or $35 US higher than the $125 starting prices that AMD had promised. Over at Newegg, one can find several AMD B650E & B650 boards. Following are the products that are listed:

B650E & B650 ATX Motherboards:

B650E & B650 mATX Motherboards:

B650E & B650 ITX Motherboards:


As you can see, none of the motherboards start at the promised $125 US MSRP and we are even seeing $449.99 US prices for motherboards based on the B650E chipset. The X670E Taich costs $499.99 US so there's a $50 US difference between the X670E and B650E offerings at the high-end product stack. Only one motherboard from Gigabyte is currently listed for $159.99 US and that's as low as the line gets.

The B650 series motherboards will definitely be a major addition to the AM5 lineup and we might even see people upgrading to Ryzen 8000 or Ryzen 9000 CPUs on the same boards years from now as we saw with the AM4 generation. However, it will be rather difficult to make people pay $150 US and more for buying a motherboard when they paid less than $100 US to secure an AM4 board.

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