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AMD A12-9800 Scores A Massive 4.8 GHz Overclock – Achieved on ASUS Octopus B350, AM4 Motherboard And Wraith Cooler


AMD's recently launched Bristol Ridge APUs have been overclocked to the extreme on air cooling. Overclocker Nam Dae Won (NameGT) was responsible for the achievement,  pushing the A12-9800 to its limit on an AM4 platform. The chip which is part of the newly released Bristol Ridge family was just launched a few weeks back and available through OEMs.

AMD Bristol Ridge A12-9800 Achieves 4.8 GHz Overclock on Wraith Cooler

We had covered the details for Bristol Ridge APUs extensively inside a previous post. Another post, showing the very first benchmarks of the chip was posted yesterday. The Bristol Ridge lineup shows big gains in efficiency improvement along with the added bonus of updated CPU and GPU cores. This leads it to deliver better performance to consumers looking at the budget bracket.

Some features of Bristol Ridge include up to four x86 Excavator cores with 2 MB of shared L2 cache. They will have support for HSA compute acceleration and the latest DDR4 memory standard. The Excavator core ensures better IPC (Instruction per clock) versus previous generation cores. AMD Bristol Ridge A-Series APUs also come with built-in, high throughput media accelerators for HEVC (4K H.264 & H.265) support.

The chip used was a regular A12-9800 APU pulled off an OEM machine and attached to a DIY motherboard. We have seen a couple of AM4 motherboards, mostly based on the B350 chipset. These include boards from Gigabyte and ASUS. The new one is ASUS's Octopus.

AMD A12-9800 Pushed to 4.8 GHz on an AM4 Board Called Octopus

We don't know why this board is called Octopus but it does feature the AM4 socket and the B350 chipset. Another surprising fact is that this motherboard is built for the DIY market and isn't finished yet in terms of design. So it's just an early look at what kind of overclockability some really good value AM4 motherboards would offer to users.

An overclock of 4.8 GHz is achieved on AM4 platform with the latest Bristol Ridge APU.

Some things we can spot on the motherboard include a single PCI-e Gen 3.0 x16 slot, a single PCI-e Gen 3.0 x1 and a single PCI (Legacy) slot. There's also a M.2 slot which is a first for AMD boards that can run it off the PCH rather than relying on a external controller. There are four SATA III 6 GB/s ports and two DDR4 DIMM slots. We didn't get a good sight at the I/O panel so we will leave that out for now. The DIMM slots were filled with 16 Gigs of DDR4 clocked at 2133 MHz.

The A12-9800 is the top brass of the Bristol Ridge family. It has four CPU cores and eight GPU cores. The CPU cores are clocked at 3.8 GHz base and 4.2 GHz boost. The graphics cores are clocked at 1108 MHz and branded as Radeon R7 GPU. Total TDP of the chip is rated at 65W.

AMD Bristol Ridge APU Lineup:

AMD Bristol Ridge Desktop AM4 SKUs:

SKUCoresBase/Boost ClockGPU CUsGPU SPsGPU Clock Memory TDP
AMD A12-980043.8/4.2 GHz8 CUs512 SPs1108 MHzDDR4-240065W
AMD A12-9800E43.1/3.8 GHz8 CUs512 SPs900 MHzDDR4-240035W
AMD A10-970043.5/3.8 GHz6 CUs384 SPs1029 MHzDDR4-240065W
AMD A10-9700E43.0/3.5 GHz6 CUs384 SPs847 MHzDDR4-240035W
AMD A8-960043.1/3.4 GHz6 CUs384 SPs900 MHzDDR4-240065W
AMD Athlon X4 95043.5/3.8 GHzN/AN/AN/ADDR4-240065W
AMD A6-950023.5/3.8 GHz6 CUs384 SPs1029 MHzDDR4-240065W
AMD A6-9500E23.0/3.4 GHz4 CUs256 SPs800 MHzDDR4-240035W
Athlon X4 97043.5+/3.8 GHz+N/AN/AN/ADDR4-240065W
Athlon X4 95043.5/3.8 GHzN/AN/AN/ADDR4-240065W
Athlon X4 94023.2/3.5 GHzN/AN/AN/ADDR4-240035W

The chip was clocked to a maximum overclock of 4.8 GHz, a cool 27% increase in clock speed. Chip voltage was configured at 1.325V. At this overclock, the chip managed to score 4608 points in HWBot Prime benchmark. The great thing about this testing is that it was performed on air. The AMD in-house built, Wraith cooler, was used for cooling. The cooler has set a great foundation for AMD reference coolers that will be compatible with the AM4 socket. You can check out the validation link for the overclock here.