New Amazon MP3 Store Optimized For iPhone And iPad Released


The new Amazon MP3 store for iPhone and iPad has been released and it has been specially optimized for users of said iOS devices. Amazon is breaking in to the digital music market that iTunes has a firm monopoly on when it comes to iOS. Amazon's music store has a staggering collection of 22 million songs, all of which are now available for purchase through the new Amazon MP3 store for iPhone and iPad.

Amazon MP3 Store for iPhone

Don't be confused! The new Amazon MP3 store for iPhone and iPad is not an app. Rather its a web interface optimized for iOS devices that can be accessed via mobile Safari. The interface reminds us of the iOS Music app, the color combination is reminiscent of that. This interface works fine with iOS devices allows users to browse and purchase music from Amazon's mammoth music library.

The web interface of Amazon MP3 store for iPhone and iPad does not lack functionality in any way. It recognizes touch gestures which allow users to swipe through carousels of songs and albums, pretty much the same way you would do in the iTunes Store app. A 30 second preview of every song is offered. The preview will keep playing as you browse through the store, though if you open another page in mobile Safari the preview will cut off. In order to purchase a song from the Amazon MP3 store for iPhone and iPad, simply tap on the price button once and it will turn in to the buy button. Tap that button, enter Amazon credentials, and you're good to go.

Keep this in mind though that the songs downloaded from Amazon MP3 store for iPhone and iPad don't go to the music library of your device. They automatically go in to the Amazon Cloud Player, you'll need to download that if you wish to purchase music from Amazon MP3 store. Songs or albums on your Amazon Cloud Player can be accessed from the internet as well as the Cloud Player app. Since the music has been purchased from Amazon, the downloads don't take up any storage from your Cloud Player account.

The Amazon MP3 store for iPhone and iPad is a complete offering. It also features novelties such as autocomplete in search, personalized recommendations, customer ratings and bestseller lists. This store serves as an alternative to iTunes Store, which is the primary service used for purchasing music as well as other content on Apple devices.