Amazon Helping Crytek Through a Crysis?


There are rumors going around the Internet (as there always are) that Amazon may have garnered a deal with Crytek to help them during their time of need. Supposedly this deal involves a rather large sum of money in return for the licensing of the CryEngine for future games.

Rumors state that Amazon may have helped Crytek financially, brokering a licensing deal.

Develop was able to speak to Crytek last month and it's in this conversation that the details emerged. Frank Yerli, the co-founder of Crytek, referenced a partnership of sorts for a huge sum of money to Develop this past March. It was enough to save them from the brink of financial disaster.

“A lot of people are under the impression we had to find a new investor or something, but that wasn’t the case. We made a licensing deal,”

Frank Yerli, of course, was not able to answer any specifics regarding that deal, though hopes that perhaps an announcement could happen soon.

“I can’t say anything more in detail, but hopefully we’ll be able to announce it with the partner soon.”

So Crytek isn't in a state of crysis any longer then. But what will happen with this licensing deal? We certainly know that CryEngine is a very powerful and capable graphics engine, even being chosen to provide the visual splendor of the Star Citizen universe. So what could Amazon possibly want from such a deal? Are they going to be using it in future games coming from Amazon Game Studios? Or will it have a completely different purpose? Maybe they intend to create large scale VR experiences for industrial and commercial design, or maybe even use the CryEngine to help visualize and analyze science in real-time?

Regardless, a large deal as was supposedly brokered between Amazon and Crytek would likely generate some kind of outcome, and it will probably benefit us, the consumer. Amazon has certainly been known to poach it's share of employees for their own purposes, but this is almost like poaching an entire company. Then again, it might just be an investment due to the innovation that Crytek has delivered in the past and will deliver in the future.