Amazon France Lists Bloodborne for PC

Bloodborne could be coming to PC, according to an Amazon France listing. The listing list the platform as "Windows 7/8" but is currently listed as unavailable. Amazon France has been quite accurate with its game details before any official reveals made by publishers.

From Software's previous titles in the souls series made their way to the PC, although those were published by Namco Bandai. Bloodborne is a collaboration between From Software and Sony, and is being published by the latter, so it creates a whole different scenario. It could though be a possibility, that Bloodborne will release sometime in the future for the PC platform.

A petition has been filed at, to bring Bloodborne to the PC, which has gathered almost all of its required signatures. The petition claims that developer From Software has “betrayed” PC gamers by releasing their latest title exclusively on the PS4.

The petition will probably have no impact with From Software as the responsibility lies with the Bloodborne's publisher, Sony. The petition was created 9 months ago, but has recently received a new wave of support due to the game's release this week.  It addresses From Software directly, reading:

“Everyone should be able to play your game. It is not fair that we are left out. You have betrayed us after releasing your last two games on PC.”

“Release Bloodborne for the Personalized Computing platform,”

The petition has almost reached its 15,000 goal, having gathered 13,000 signatures so far.

Another strange thing has happened, following the release of Bloodborne. Sony has failed to present evidence at the US patent and Trademark Office, that the trademarks for four games, one of which is Bloodborne, is in use or that they have failed to extend it.

No one really knows what this means for Bloodborne at this point, but it is most likely a mistake. Lets hope that it may be an indication of something else, and we get to have this incredible masterpiece on the PC. We will bring you any new information on the subject, and everything regarding Bloodborne as soon as it becomes available. You can read more about the game in our previous coverage, here and here.


source: IGN UK, craveonline, gamingbolt

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